7 Best Christmas Lights for Roofline Decoration 2023

The Christmas holidays are a fun time for friends and family. On this occasion, people decorate their houses with twinkling lights to celebrate this event. If you want your home to look best in your street, decorate your home roofline with Christmas lights.

Winter is the symbol of festivals; it may be a wedding party or Christmas celebration. And all e-stores reveal Black Friday Sales with the highest cut-price than any other month of the year. Thus it is the ideal time to buy the decoration stuff and the Christmas lights.

Best Christmas Lights for Roofline

You can prefer the simple white lights or go for something that feels more fun. In both cases, the Christmas roof lights should remain the same because it is a center stage in the outdoor arena and will decide the overall look of your outdoors.

Before enjoying your Christmas holidays with your friends and family, you must deal with the frustration of burnt-out bulbs, tangling of wires, adjustment of Christmas trees in stands, and color scheme problems. However, there is one solution to kick off all these problems, and that is to start with the right lights!

In the market, some Christmas lights are explicitly designed for the roofline. These lights are resistant to moisture and have special attachments to install them firmly on the roofline. Also, they have a unique style and design that will give your outdoors an outstanding look.

So, if you want to decorate the roofline with Christmas landscape lighting but need clarification on where to start, read on to get the complete guide and recommendations for the best products. We tried to answer all your queries and listed a comprehensive review of the best products. 

Top-Rated Christmas Lights for Roofline

Based on their reviews and expert recommendations, we have listed seven top-rated Christmas lights. Surprisingly, they all are now enlisted on Black Friday Deals.

  1. Vintage C9 Christmas Lights for Roofline
  2. VanRayal C9 Roofline Christmas Lights
  3. Vintage C7 Christmas Indoor/Outdoor Lights
  4. Waterproof C9 LED Outdoor Christmas Lights
  5. C7 Ceramic Roofline Multicolor Christmas Lights 
  6. AWQ C9 Christmas Roofline String Light
  7. Ollny IP44 Waterproof String Lights

Vintage C9 Christmas Lights for Roofline


This traditional C9 light set has 50 feet long green wire string and 50 transparent C9 light bulbs that you can enjoy during the Christmas holidays and on your special events. The light set is commonly referred to as “retro” because these lights will take you to the 1950’s old-fashioned Christmas lighting decorations that are still classy to this day.

Each bulb is 7 watts and works on 120V. In addition, the bulbs are made of transparent glass that allows you to see the vintage filament inside the bulb. Every bulb of the string is rated for 3000 hours life span and fits perfectly into any C9/E17 socket base. However, it is good to have an additional box of bulbs to use for replacement when needed.

Besides this, the string is made up of high-quality 20 AWG wire and has a 5 amp fuse that protects against short circuits during bad weather conditions.

The light set is perfect for any roofline and versatile compared to other products. It is convenient to use, and you can choose from various bulb colors, styles, and four colors of wire. Each bulb is 3.3 inches tall and 1.12 inches wide and has a nickel-coated base.

It is best to mount it along the roofline using all-in-all clips to create a secure connection. Also, you should mount the string first and then screw the light bulbs. If you have any issues regarding the product, friendly customer service is there to help you. 


  • Length: 50 feet
  • 5 Amp fused male plug
  • 3000 hours life span
  • 50 transparent C9 bulbs
  • Each bulb is 7 watts
  • 5 AMP Fuse

VanRayal C9 Roofing Christmas Lights


The hassle-free installation makes this product worth buying. The easy installation reduces the traditional time required to set up these lights on the roofline. With their enchanting beauty, these lights bring a special glow to any event. The heavy-duty built-in spring-loaded clips help to attach it easily to the roofline without much effort. For your convenience, you can also remove the clips.

With 180 degrees rotation, you can change the direction of lights according to your desire. As the bulbs are swivel on the axis of the clip, their attachment with the roofline is effortless. These best Christmas lights for rooflines can withstand harsh weather conditions due to their durable acrylic resin, drain holes, and weather-sealed sockets.

The 25 LED bulbs are energy-efficient and minimize power usage. Hence it saves electricity along with the amazing decoration. These C9 bulbs are 1.1 inches in diameter and 3.1 inches tall. Moreover, each bulb is spaced 8 inches apart from the other bulb and remains cool to the touch.

Each 16-foot strand has a plug-in at the ends, facilitating end-to-end connectivity to link up 82 strands. In addition, you don’t have to struggle to store these lights during the off-season because the compact and reusable packaging makes it easy to keep them safe.

It requires 120V for work, and each bulb is 2.6 watts. The average life span of VanRayal C9 LED Christmas Lights is 10000 hours.


  • 10000 hours life span
  • Patented Quick-Clip Technology
  • 25 LED bulbs
  • Bulb height: 2.5 inches
  • Strand length: 17 foot
  • Bulb spacing: 8 inches

Christmas LED Icicle Lights Outdoor Decorations


These are traditional 400 multi-colored icicle lights with a white wire. The 27 vertical drops hang at different lengths and create a unique icicle pattern; 4pcs, 5pcs, and 7pcs. The lighted length is 8.5ft, with 12 inches lead and 4 inches tail.

You can easily and safely connect the three sets end to end for 26-foot total coverage on one plug. The 63.75 watts are required per set, and for an end-to-end connection, there are 29V fused non-polarized male and female plugs.  

Besides that, you can also straighten the drops according to your desire to achieve the look you want. However, the professionals mostly use unique icicle light clips to create a neat display that is easy to install.

The clips do not require any staples or nails for the installation process. Thus, you can prefer the clips for an easy and smooth installation of icicle lights at the roofline of your house.

The product is certified by UL and is approved for outdoor use. So, there are no safety concerns in moisture or harsh weather. You can also use these lights to decorate the outdoor trees. Moreover, if one light goes out for some reason, the others stay lit.

Some extra bulbs and fuses are also included in the package for replacement when required. In addition, the package contains 1x 400 LED Icicle lights, 1x UL Plug, and 1x Manual. So, these Clear Icicle Christmas Lights are the best for decorating your Christmas trees and roofline this Christmas.


  • Light count: 400
  • Variable lighted length per set
  • End-to-end connection
  • Color: Clear white

Waterproof C9 LED Outdoor Christmas Lights


These waterproof bulbs have excellent construction and offer exceptional color saturation, reliability, and ruggedness. Their single dimmable SMD LED emits a pure light beam through the bulb’s core. As a result, a brilliant natural glow fills the bulb with sharp color.

Moreover, the total length of the lighted part is 33 feet, with 100 strands connectable. The installation and assembly process is simple; twist the bulbs into the sockets, and these lights are ready for installation. In addition, the walls of the bulb are two times thicker than a typical Christmas bulb. Finally, these polycarbonate lenses increase the durability of the bulbs.

Besides that, the thickness of the bulb enables vivid color. Furthermore, the bulbs are replaceable, and the colors never fade. This Warm White LED Christmas light is rated for an average life span of 20,000 hours.

You can safely connect the 1000 feet of lights having 960 watts on one plug by end-to-end connection. One bulb requires only 1 watt and 50 watts per set. The parallel wired system keeps the lights lit even if one socket goes out of function.

Finally, the 18 gauge commercial grade stringer has sockets that feature weep holes for trouble-free performance during wet weather. So, these Christmas lights are safe to use for decorating the roofline. 


  • 50 bulbs
  • 84 watts per set
  • 2 Spare LEDs
  • 2 Spare Fuses
  • Lifespan 20000 hours

C7 Ceramic Roofline Multicolor Christmas Lights


The Vintage Multicolor lights are one of the best Christmas lights for the roofline. Their string is made up of high-quality 20 AWG wire that provides durability for a long time. A 5 amp fuse is also there to prevent short circuits during harsh weather conditions like rain, sunny weather, and water spills.

On the other hand, the installation process is also hassle-free. But always mount the string first and then screw the light bulbs. The bulbs are also replaceable when not working correctly.

There is a 6 inches lead with a male plug and 6 inch tall with a female connector. Along with that, the light bulbs have a candelabra socket base.

Moreover, the green wire string is 25 feet long and has 27 multi-colored glass bulbs spaced 12 inches apart. The glass allows you to see the filament present inside the bulb. In addition, each bulb requires 5 watts, while each string requires 125 watts.

Every C7 bulb is rated for an average life span of 2500 hours and fits easily into any C7/E12 socket base. You can connect three sets for 75 feet on one plug for an end-to-end connection.

The whole light is UL listed, which means these lights are safe for outdoor decoration or the roofline. In addition, their multicolor bulbs provide an eye-catching look to your outdoors and your roofline. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab these best outdoor Christmas lights for your roofline.


  • 5 amp fuse
  • 2500 hours life span
  • 27 multi-colored bulbs
  • Length: 25 feet
  • Bulb spacing: 12 inches
  • Voltage: 120V
  • 2 Spare Bulb

AWQ C9 Christmas Roofline String Light


The retrofit traditional light set has 81 feet long green IP44 wire string and 100 ceramic opaque C9 light bulbs. Each bulb is 7 watts and works on 120V. The bulbs are made of ceramic glass that reminds you of the old-fashioned Christmas decoration.

Every bulb has a life span of 3000 hours and fits easily into the C9/E17 socket base. In addition, each set is connectable end to end five times for a total of 405 feet on one plug.

These C9 Blue Ceramic Christmas Roofline Lights are perfect for your need. They are versatile and increase the beauty of your roofline with their beautiful colors. The string comprises 20 AWG wires and has a 5 amp fuse; this product can resist harsh weather conditions and make it safe for the roofline.

The bulbs with 100 sockets on the wire stringer are 8 inches spaced apart. The lights are heavy-duty and durable. You can use them for years without any maintenance. But remember to give them 18 hours of daily rest.

You can use the all in all clips to mount these lights firmly on the roofline. You can take assistance from customer service for any issue with the lights. The bulbs are replaceable, so it is better to have an extra set to avoid any inconvenience.


  • Bulb spacing: 8 inches
  • 5 amp fuse
  • Voltage: 30V
  • 25 ceramic opaque light bulbs
  • 3000 hours life span
  • C9/E17 socket base

Ollny IP44 Waterproof String Lights


These super long 272 ft starry string lights create the perfect holiday atmosphere. In addition, these 800 bright LEDs will create a stimulating and eye-catching display that will delight your guests.

 The remote control allows you to change the lighting modes remotely with ten brightness levels and three modes – Smooth, Flash, or Strobe.

 These waterproof starry lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations. They add a subtle touch of elegance that will inspire any occasion, whether a Christmas or a wedding.

 The copper wire is flexible and bendable, so you can use it to create creative projects. For example, you could shape the wire around the tree or even staircases for an interesting design.

 There are also eight preset modes controllable remotely and create a sparkling atmosphere in every event.

 The power supply unit is guaranteed to be safe with UL certification. And the strings of lights themselves pose no risk, so you can enjoy them without worrying about getting burnt.

The manufacturer offers a full 12-month replacement for any problems that may arise – the well-responsive customer services team will always satisfy you.


  • LED Count: 800
  • String Length: 272ft
  • Lighting Modes: 8
  • Brightness Modes: 4
  • Warranty: 12 months

What to Consider When Buying Christmas Lights for Roofline?

It will help if you keep certain things in mind when shopping for house roof lights for Christmas to get the best. Some important points are mentioned here that will help you to determine which lights will suit your plans.

  • Types and colors of lights
  • Length and quantity of strings
  • Energy conservation
  • Installation process
  • Safety

Types and colors of lights

A wide variety of Christmas lights are present in the market. Some differ in type, some in color, and some in the size of the bulb. You can choose from mini string lights and wide-angle LED mini lights, large bulb lights, icicle lights, LED rope lights, net lights, and many more.

So, decide which one you want your home to decorate in an enchanting way because it will decide the overall look of your outdoors. Finally, you can get the color of your choice, like multi-colored strings or single-colored strings. You can go for that if you strongly prefer white Christmas lights.

Length and quantity of strings

How many strands you want to cover the area depends on your personal preference. However, planning it before buying will help avoid frustration and inconvenience when stringing them up.

Take the approximate measurement of the area to understand the required string length and total quantity. Strands with less bulb spacing are best for the roofline. Therefore, at the time of buying must ensure the string length, total number of strings, or bulb quantity you want to brighten the roofline.

Energy conservation

Decorating the home with lights on Christmas is necessary, but it is also inevitable to save on your electricity bill during these celebrations. For this, you can use lights with a unique energy conservation feature. For example, you can prefer LED Christmas lights for your house front instead of incandescent lights.

In addition, you can also use the automatic timer to turn your lights off during daylight. Besides this, you can also use lights that run on solar energy; it will save you from the extra charges of electricity.

Installation process

The easy installation process increases the worth of the product and saves you from unwanted hassle or frustration. Before buying any Christmas light for your roofline, you must ensure that it is easy to install. It will be worth your purchase because you don’t need extra effort when installing the light strings.

You can also go for Christmas light clips and hangers because it further simplifies the installation process. The clips make it easy to install lights perfectly on the roofline.


Not all Christmas lights are for outdoor use, so you must ensure that the lights you buy are safe for the roofline. If you are using an extension cord, then Christmas lights and extension cord should be equal amp capacities.

In addition, connect only a few strings and follow the safety guidelines mentioned by the manufacturer to avoid any mishandling. Finally, the Christmas lights for outdoor use should be resistant to moisture and not susceptible to shorts during rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure the roofline for Christmas lights?

For accurate measurements, you can use a measuring tape. Measure directly at the edges with another person’s help while standing on a ladder or walking along the ground with a rolling measure.

How to put Christmas lights on the roofline?

You can use plastic clips for hanging Christmas lights for house roofing. It is the easiest way to decorate Christmas lights on the roof. Besides this, you can also use the staple gun to keep the lights in place.

How to get the best roofing lights?

You can consider the quality, price, and length of strings, their resistance to moisture, energy conservation feature, the shape of bulbs, and their easy installation as some crucial parameters of choosing the best Christmas lights.


In conclusion, the best Christmas lights for your roofline depend upon your choice. Whether you love colorful lights or like a white Christmas house, you may choose between static or color control Christmas lights.

But before buying, consider the safety features and area coverage of roofing lights.

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