Best Cutting Board for Chicken 2023

Bacteria can reach an unexpected area; that’s why you need the best cutting board for chicken in your kitchen. Raw Food handling is a skill that every home or professional needs to learn. However, food safety doesn’t mean you can’t store the meat at a specific temperature. Keeping the food is essential; the same goes for the preparation. A dedicated raw meat cutting board is necessary to avoid food contamination and food poisoning.

Best Cutting Board for Chicken

The Poultry Association (by USDA Inspection and Food Safety Service) clarifies that users should use the wood surface to cut raw food. Or, if you don’t have the availability of wood, you should use the nonporous surface. For safety reasons, it is necessary to consider a separate board for the bread, specifically for the meat and seafood. This separation of the board will help prevent the bacteria produced by the contamination of ingredients and consumed raw.

Why Is It Essential To Have A Dedicated Cutting Board In Your Kitchen?

It doesn’t matter whether you are serving seafood, chicken, or any other form of meat; It contains bacteria. So, when you use a dedicated board to prepare lunch, bacteria can’t survive a linger in the board gaps. You can even have chopped the other ingredients on the same board.

Vegetables and fruits are more like to adopt the bacteria as compared to chicken or meat. When you cut the meat on board, and after that, you cut the veggies or fruits on the same board, the chance of food contamination is more. That’s why the health official recommends washing everything before using it. Lastly, having the two boards on the hand and ensuring one is used for the meat is the best prevention.

Top-Rated Cutting Board for the Kitchen

Being a newbie, it’s hard to find a suitable board because you don’t know what to look for. There is more chance that you get a poor quality product. Here is the best cutting board for the kitchen to make things easier for you.

  1. HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board 3-Piece Set
  2. Tribal Cooking Cutting Board Set – 3 Kitchen Chopping Boards
  3. Large Plastic Yellow Cutting Board for Chicken and Poultry
  4. Farberware Plastic Cutting Board, 11-inch by 14-inch
  5. Gorilla Grip Original Oversized Cutting Board
  6. Cutting Boards for Kitchen, Plastic Chopping Board
  7. Gorilla Grip Original Set of 5 Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards

HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board 3-Piece Set

HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board 3-Piece Set

You don’t worry about cross-contamination during meal preparation because HOMWE design the special Kitchen Cutting Board. While cutting the raw meat, there is no chance that your bacteria will contaminate your other foods and taste the intermix unintentionally. The HOMWE is a three-piece set which means you can use each of them for a dedicated task.

Additionally, this set of cutting boards is an example of versatility and flexibility. In terms of the cost per ratio, this board is matchless. There are sizes available in the set ranging from 15 inches to 9.5 inches, 10 inches to 5.8 inches, and 12.5 inches to 7.8 inches.

Above all, each of these cutting boards is heavy-duty, BPA-free, and latex-free plastic. So you don’t have to worry about countertops such as stains, bacteria contamination, and cuts. These boards also come with a handy juice groove to remove the mess and separate the excessive amount of the liquid. Lastly, due to the non-slip handles, this cutting board set keeps the meat and poultry in the right shape.


  • Precision Cutting Surface
  • Crafted with a thick, heavy-duty plastic
  • Multiple Prep Board Pack
  • Ultra-Strong Cutting Surface
  • Nonporous

Tribal Cooking Cutting Board Set – 3 Kitchen Chopping Boards

Tribal Cooking Cutting Board Set - 3 Kitchen Chopping Boards

Tribal is a three-piece cooking cutting board that is built to last. It doesn’t matter whether you are cutting a small piece of bread or a big piece of raw meat; this set has a sizing board. You can count on this dishwashing safe cutting board and the not skid edges that help you to grip without worrying about anything. And also, keep the thing in the right position.

Heavy duty and nonporous boards repel deep exterior cuts that may wear down the boards and bound sanitation. These boards can thrive in a hardworking and busy environment in terms of craftsmanship and aesthetics. The non-slippery handles and built-in liquid groove make the cooping board an essential tool.

Moreover, if you are worried about the breakage or the cracks, stop doing it because the rock-solid helps the board fight against everything. The water-resistant material ensures the longevity of the product. Three sizes and double-sided let you find your meat cutting boards, vegetables, fruit, or bread. The TPR plastic is both heat resistant and super strong and.


  • Multi-Piece Set Offers Three Sizes
  • Heavy Duty and Non-Porous
  • Unmatched Durability and Versatility
  • Super Strong and Heat Resistant
  • Dishwasher-Safe Cutting Boards

Large Plastic Yellow Cutting Board for Chicken and Poultry

Large Plastic Yellow Cutting Board for Chicken and Poultry

Thirteen Chefs is famous for Large Plastic Yellow for the commercial-grade cutting board designed to perform the daily task. If you are among those who have to work for large groups, you don’t need to invest in an expensive board because this Plastic Yellow Cutting Board comes in a very affordable budget price bracket.

One of the things I like the most about this cutting board is that it comes in five unique colors. You can pick the one that matches your kitchen cutlery. So we can say that you can avoid contamination but with style. My personal favorite is the red one I use to cut the meat on it.

Another best thing about these boards is that they are 100% dishwasher safe. After using the board, you can wash it as it only takes a few minutes to clean. These cutting boards are matchless—thirteen Chefs designed using a specialized injection molded and multi-process manufacturing process in terms of durability. Similarly, the simple design ensures that the board long lasts and withstands every circumstance.


  • Commercial Grade Plastic Cutting Board
  • Superior High-Density Polypropylene
  • BPA Free, Stains and Resists Cuts
  • Yellow Color Coded
  • Warp Resistant

Farberware Plastic Cutting Board, 11-inch by 14-inch

Farberware Plastic Cutting Board, 11-inch by 14-inch

Farberware has been making cookware, baking wear, and other kitchen equines for a very long time. All of their products are themselves examples of craftsmanship and innovation from the beginning. Plus, Farberware takes care of its consumers, and that’s why their kitchen equipment is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Like the professional chefs, you can also cut the meat, vegetables, fruits, and poultry with the Farberware Poly Cutting Board. Plus, this cutting board is 100% BPA-free and polypropylene plastic which means you can safely cut anything. The poly material is nonporous and harbors odors or harmful bacteria. Your knives will not never dull.

For your convenience, this cutting board has a reversible double the cutting surface feature, which means you can utilize both sides of the board. Similarly, for additional stability and control, you get a hand hole.

Whether you want a pro slice of vegetables, fruits, chopping meats, and seafood, the Farberware board is for you. The size measures 12 by 18 inches, neither too big nor too small. In actuality, it’s an ideal size for cutting raw meat.


  • BPA Free and Polypropylene Plastic
  • Reversible Double Side Cutting Surface
  • Hand Hole for Extra Control and Stability
  • Size Measure 14 Inch 0.25 Inches (Wide X Thick)
  • Easy Cleanup and Trouble-Free Maintenance

Gorilla Grip Original Oversized Cutting Board

Gorilla Grip Original Oversized Cutting Board

The best way to avoid cross-contamination while preparing the meal for your family and friends is by Gorilla Grip 3PC set. You can use each board for a specific task. Plus, while cutting the raw meat, you don’t want to take the risk and contaminate the other food or mix the flavors intermix accidentally.

Additionally, the durable rubber border of the board helps to avoid the keeps slipping and sliding on surfaces. With a strong rubber border and handle on both sides, the boards are designed to stay in place. Even you will not face any problem cutting and chopping harsh ingredients. In the packaging, you get three generously Sized Boards. The largest one measures 16 x 11.2 inches, the medium measures 13.8 x 9.6 inches, and the small board ones 11.8 x 8 inches.

The deep grooves with the board’s border help you avoid spilling the ingredients on your countertops and catch the juice. As a result, after the heavy-duty cutting, your kitchen will remain clean. On the other hand, the double-sided and reversible design plays an important role in preventing the mingling from meats to veggies to fruit.


  • Easy to Clean and Nonporous Boards
  • Double-Sided Design
  • Durable Rubber Border
  • Strong Rubber Handle
  • 100% Dishwasher Safe

Cutting Boards for Kitchen, Plastic Chopping Board 

Cutting Boards for Kitchen, Plastic Chopping Board

If you hate dishwashing, want to eat healthier, and buy fewer plastic bags or containers that get ripped, then this cutting board is the way (and the only way) to go. Its three sizes allow for different tasks- chopping vegetables can be done with a large 15.75″ x 9.56” board while smaller 12in x 7in pieces of meat can be cut on a medium-sized 12.32” x 7.75” board (with minimum risk of catching yourself in an artery). Lastly, it can slice up fruit like melons and pineapples very easily on a small 9.84x 583″ size.

Your durable, non-porous chopping boards also come with an extra heavy-duty peeler, giving you the best kitchen helper during daily cooking needs.

Ditch those lackluster cutting boards for the kitchen, plastic chopping boards. We’re pros at crafting the perfect board – not to mention that our whittling is guaranteed to please! You’ll love how much more smoothly your knives cut through ingredients, plus these babies are sturdier than their wooden counterparts.

One easy and most convenient way to get healthier, fresher food on your dining table is three sets of cutting boards. The set comes in 3 different sizes, big for slicing meat and other large foods, medium for general chopping tasks like garlic and herbs and small for baby carrots or anything else the size of a deck of cards. Both sizes work wonderfully on a flat surface without a rubber base, but for use over a sink or bowl, it’s possible the heavy-duty suction cup at the bottom could come in handy too. If storage space isn’t an issue, though, these chopping boards will help save you from making impulse decisions when meat inspectors are conducting their routine inspections because they’ll all be ready to go.


  • Come in three sizes.

A large 15.75″ x 9.56″

medium 12.32″ x 7.75″

small 9.84″ x 5.83″ size 

  • BPA-Free, Providing for slicing, dicing, and chopping your food
  • These plastic cutting board sets come with an extra heavy-duty peeler

Gorilla Grip Original Set of 5 Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards

Gorilla Grip Original Set of 5 Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards

In a world where we’re all trying to find time between work and personal obligations, there’s something that will always be worth having: A well-made knife or other cutting board.

These professional quality items have been tried and tested by chefs across America for years because they know how important it is to make great food and easy cleanup after. Made with high-grade materials like steel, which makes them extremely sturdy & and durable makes, these boards are suitable even if you have an arthritis pain joint problem using any blade on your dishwasher safe surface.
The boards’ textured backing helps keep them in place on your countertop, so you can be sure that they’ll stay put and not slide around during use.

These mats are the perfect size for your kitchen. They can be used to cut up almost any food, whether it’s meat or vegetables! With these on hand, you won’t need a whole cutting board at home – bring one with you when going out camping, so all those yummy ingredients don’t go wasted because they were impossible to top pick off individual pieces easily while cooking away in their tent-town mess kit.

The most versatile thing about them is how light they feel compared to traditional glass-ceramic ones, which makes some people nervous since there are no brakes should things slip through fingers before anyone.

These boards are extra unique in that they can easily fold and flex without minimizing their superior quality. They’re perfect for funneling your chopped food into different bowls or pots while still being able to store them nicely if you have a small kitchen space.

Buyers Guide

Remember several important aspects when you are looking for the best cutting board for chicken. These aspects include the material used to craft the cutting board, the size and shape of the board, and much more. Please read the below guidelines, as they will help you pick the best.

Types of Cutting Boards

Usually, there are two significant cutting boards available: plastic ones and wood ones. However, a high-quality board helps you prevent the knives from blunting during heavy-duty usage.

Likewise, the board is made of rubber, bamboo, and complex, cheaper. But the problem is that they don’t give a positive vibe under the knife. And in the worst scenario, these boards can damage the blade of the knife or the smoothness you get with the plastic or wooden ones.

In this world, there is nothing permanent, and the same goes for the cutting board they will tear out after some time. The cheap ones have less lifespan than expensive ones. When you notice the board starts to begin grooves, then understand it’s time to replace the board.


There are multiple size options available for the new cutting board. Usually, the size range of the cutting board starts from 8 inches and ends at 36 inches. But the question is, how do you determine which size is suitable for me? The answer to the perfect size of the board depends upon your counter space, sink dimension, and the knife’s length. For instance, the board is less than 12 inches; the veggies will fall over the side.


The wooden board usually has twice the thickness of plastic. Thus, the more the board’s thickness, the more weight it has. A thicker board is ideal If you can handle the cleaning and storing. I would suggest you go for the board with at least 2 inches of thickness to get the better possible.


You get the two design options on a cutting board, the flat one and the grooved one. Both of them have their benefits.

A flat board is best if you have to deal with dry ingredients. But it doesn’t mean you can use it for the juicy chicken—the drawback of the board is that you have to head extra towards the cleaning. Meanwhile, the groove boards come with an edge groove to help the consumer trap the juice from the ingredients. People who can handle the liquid while chopping the groove board are for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Cutting Board for The Chicken?

  • HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board 3-Piece Set
  • Tribal Cooking Cutting Board Set – 3 Kitchen Chopping Boards
  • Large Plastic Yellow Cutting Board for Chicken and Poultry
  • Farberware Plastic Cutting Board, 11-inch by 14-inch
  • Gorilla Grip Original Oversized Cutting Board

Which Size of The Cutting Board Is Suitable?

It depends upon the size of the knife and compartment space. But I would suggest you go for at least 15 inches’ board. Otherwise, the ingredient will fall off the board.

Can I Use Both of The Cutting Boards?

Of course, you can use both sides of the cutting board. The drip groove side cuts the food, which releases the fluid, and the other side serves food or dry fruit.

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