Best Ice Crusher For Smoothies 2023

If you’re seeking the best ice crusher for smoothies to make some super cold and delicious mixed smoothies, you’ll need a solid blender that can do effectively crushing down the ice. While most blenders can do this, solitary, more impressive forms can squash ice without mileage on the mixing engine or the cutting edges.

best ice crusher for smoothies

Yet, don’t stress. We’ve examined you and curated the best ice-pounding blenders available down into this waitlist. Every one of them is adequately incredible to effectively mix amazingly smooth frosted beverages, just as dominate in an assortment of different variables – like form quality and usability.

Not sure which sort of blender will be appropriate for you? We can help. After the audits, we’ve assembled a short purchaser’s guide, which covers the main viewpoints that most great blenders ought to have. By knowing which of these perspectives are generally critical to you, it very well may be a lot simpler to know which one of the proposals will be best for you.

After my last article on the best smoothie blenders , I thought about doing an ice crusher review too. Why? I personally really like iced blended drinks and I know that not everyone is able to afford a high speed blender just for their summer treats. So here is my favorite ice crusher.

How We Found the Best Blender:

Our food beauticians and cooks routinely utilized five of the most well-known blenders throughout a while. At that point, to perceive how the blenders piled up no holds barred, they put each machine through a progression of tests and assessed them as indicated by these guidelines:


How very much did every blender prepare a kale smoothie? Was the fluid foamy and brimming with air bubbles? Were there enormous pieces remaining?


How since, fairly a while ago, did the blenders take to puree a cluster of butternut squash soup? Was the end-product smooth?


How, since quite a while ago, did every blender take to squash ice for a frozen beverage? Did the sharp edges stall out?


What number of watts does every blender have? Do they have the strength?


Are the blenders moderate? Does the cost mirror the presentation?

After exposing the blenders to our thorough testing measure, we felt confident that we could recognize the best blenders for stirring up smoothies, pureeing soups, squashing ice, and then some.

Blending Tips for Frozen Drinks:

This is what our blender specialists suggest.

  • Use the best fixings you can. Beginning with the liquor and natural product juice, utilize the best you have—and the freshest. The ice should be spotless tasting, without any traces of food scents that moved from the refrigerated segment.
  • Go simple on the cutting edges. Have a go at utilizing broken frosted instead of enormous 3D shapes since it’s more straightforward on the blender sharp edges. Besides, it will pound quicker. If your fridge doesn’t turn out squashed ice, break the 3D squares by enveloping them with a kitchen towel, at that point hitting them with a hammer or little skillet.
  • Start with the fluids. Whatever your formula, pour in the liquids first (juice, liquor); at that point, add the ice. Start the blender at a low speed; at that point, steadily increment it. With top-performing blenders, the errand goes quick one moment or 2 for a cluster contingent upon your blender. So observe near stay away from over mixing your beverages, or they’ll come out runny.

Blenders That Make Fantastic Icy Drinks:

These full-sized blenders are the ones in particular that aced our tests for making cold beverages and got a rating of Very Good or better for smashing ice. They show up in sequential requests (not by CR rank).

List of top-rated ice crushers for smoothies:

Beneath items are all around made that are effortlessly utilized for making shakes and for pulverizing ice easily.

  1. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender
  2. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender (BL610)
  3. Ninja Personal Blender (QB3001SS)
  4. Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar
  5. Oster Versa Blender 1400
  6. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender (58149)

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Our best pick is the Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Definitive Original Blender, a lightweight, unique model that legitimizes its more exorbitant cost with an extraordinary scope of highlights. This model gauges a light 7.28 pounds and has a solid 1,560-watt engine that successfully smashes ice.

The straightforward catch interface offers six pre-modified cycles, ten variable rates, and a heartbeat highlight, in addition to a convenient self-cleaning button. The sans BPA plastic pitcher has a more modest 32-ounce mixing limit yet is very much planned, with a fifth divider that maneuvers fixings down onto the sharp edge. The two-tip hardened steel edge feels truly solid and isn’t strong, so it’s more secure and simpler to clean.

1-contact catches, six pre-modified cycles, heartbeat, and 10-speed manual control with the capacity to accomplish an assortment of surfaces—complete oversight to change your mixing whenever while mixing. Hardened steel produced edge, with wings, for incredibly smooth mixes (10x more grounded than other blender sharp edges). Sans BPA four-sided container is a 75-ounce volume container with a 32-ounce mixing limit (wet or dry) ideal for mixing refreshments for 3-4 individuals. Blendtec blenders heat soups and beverages through edge grinding heat. Appreciate a warm feast or drink in a short time or less.

This model isn’t primarily in vogue and is boisterous. We tracked the gaskets may release, and the plastic parts aren’t as vital in testing. Blendtec offers a liberal eight-year guarantee.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor that works well on ice
  • Masset and speeds
  • Sturdy, well-designed blending jar and blade
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • It doesn’t require tamping
  • Lengthy eight-year warranty

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender (BL610)

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender (BL610)

The Ninja Professional Mixer is a quality model that can, for the most part, match what its giant image cousins can do for a portion of the expense. The outside is plastic, however incredibly durable and secure. The engine does not stream motor solid; however, it’s as yet more than 1,000 watts. The controls aren’t fulfilling metal handles; however, they’re shortsighted and straightforward to utilize.

Ninja has minimized expenses by subbing in the appropriate spots. Toward the day’s end, this is a great blender that is very appropriate for smashing ice down to consummate smoothie thickness and surface.

The Ninja proficient blender 1000 highlights a smooth plan and remarkable execution with 1000 watts of expert force 64 ounces most extreme fluid limit. Ninja all-out squashing cutting edges give you wonderful ice pulverizing, mixing, pureeing, and controlled handling of pound ice and frozen natural product in a moment or two. The 72-ounce proficient blender container is ideal for making enormous clumps of rich, frozen beverages and smoothies for the whole family, likewise suitable for vast groups of delicious margaritas and daiquiris.

The primary downside, in contrast with the enormous brands, is in the guarantee. There isn’t precisely something similar after-buy certainty at only one year versus models like Vitamin’s long-term guarantee. This shouldn’t imply that the materials are of awful quality; they’re above and beyond. However, it’s the genuine feelings of serenity that are worth very much something other than cash.

Every part of a decent blender is covered. So in case you’re not a super-smoothie fan and simply searching for an extraordinary item that can make you incredible ice smoothies to go about as a great blender, this model is a strong buy.


  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to remove
  • Power motor

Ninja Personal Blender (QB3001SS)

Ninja Personal Blender (QB3001SS)

The Ninja BL480 Nutri Ninja is a personal blender that accompanies two cups, 24-ounce and 18-ounce, and rambled covers. It has 1,000 watts of engine ability to mix through anything you need to toss in a solitary smoothie. It has Auto-IQ innovation with keen presets to eliminate the mystery with coordinated controls for beating, mixing, and stopping and has an advanced commencement clock.

On the off chance that you like to take control, it offers two manual velocities, and the clock will follow your mixing time to keep you on target if necessary. Every one of the removable parts is sans BPA plastic and dishwasher safe.

One side road is the clamor, as it very well may be generally noisy and possibly perturbing for those with commotion sensitivities. While the attraction cups on the lower part of the base will hold it set up during mixing, the top may fly off, so don’t leave until the mixing interaction finish.

Additionally, In case you’re searching for a conservative model to mix up your morning smoothie or a protein shake after the rec center, this blender could be what you need. With the auto innovation and reasonable value, we accept this is the best Ninja blender for the cash.

The ninja individual blender 700-Watt has various amazing audits. This machine is extraordinarily made for individuals searching for a reasonably smaller unique blender intended to perform light-obligation tasks for the independent individual or little family. Even though it isn’t an exceptionally flexible machine, however excellent and ready to make delicious smoothies, including the green ones, slash veggies, make salsa and dressings, hack nuts, etc.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Portability
  • One-year warranty

Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

Another minimal effort alternative is the Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush Counter structures blender, a fascinating-looking model with a few good highlights. Including a half bigger sharp edge framework (contrasted with past Oster blender models) and licensed double course cutting-edge innovation mixes in forward and turn around movement.

Savvy settings innovation and seven velocities, including three pre-modified locations for the most widely recognized blender manifestations. Double heading edge innovation for additional mixing ability to hack and crush with exactness extra-wide 3.5″ cutting edge framework permits fixings to stream down into the sharp edge simpler for quicker and smoother results.

Furthermore, This 9.15-pound machine has an excessively muddled, however very much marked, nine-button interface. You can pick between two presets, one of which is for frozen beverages and five manual rates.

We loved the dedicated stop button and the double-bearing six-tip treated steel cutting edges, which turn around when the machine jams. The 48-ounce mixing container is made of rugged, dishwasher-safe glass, and the top has a two-ounce filler cap so you can add fixings while mixing.

Blender, present model’s 1,000-watt engine is noisy; therefore, a genuinely great job squashing ice does. In testing, we found that it requires a considerable amount of mixing to mix easily. Even though the all-metal drive is solid, the plastic parts on the base aren’t, and the guarantee doesn’t cover them. Oster offers a 10-year engine guarantee and a three-year fulfillment ensure.


  • Inexpensive and eye-catching
  • Dedicated frozen refreshments preset and a range of speeds
  • Automatically reversing, durable blades
  • Sturdy blending jar
  • A strong motor that mechanisms well on ice
  • 10-year metal drive warranty and three-year fulfillment guarantee

Oster Versa Blender 1400

Oster Versa Blender 1400

The Oster Versa 1400 blender is very impressive and adaptable from multiple points of view. It gives clients a choice of two distinctive mixing containers. The two options hold a massive limit of 64 oz., yet they fluctuate to fit as a fiddle. One is short and extensive, while the other is taller and thin.

It furnishes with bunches of force yet is an enormous blender and will take up a decent segment of your ledge space. The three-pronged tempered steel cutting edge is sufficiently sharp and equipped for smashing the hardest fixings.

This machine is trusted and famous for its overall flexibility and strength. The Oster Versa Performance blender works like a stickler, from making soup to nuts, smoothies, shakes, and food sources essential for the natural solid way of life. So, You are only a catch away from being the following super cook.

Thus, The 7-year guarantee is a special reward with its solid and sturdy form. Alongside formula books, it likewise accompanies alter to help you drive fixings into the container or keep them moving around while mixing.


  • Powerful motor
  • Safety sensor
  • Robust and durable
  • 7-year warranty
  • Affordable

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender (58149)

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender (58149)

The Hamilton Beach 58149 Wave Breaker Blender is a very affordable and lightweight option, although it is not exceptionally durable and does not work well on ice. The Hamilton Beach Power Blender is one of the best and most demanding blenders on the market. This is the only machine that can perform two functions in one room because it can precisely mix and chop solids.

Moreover, Its peak power is 700 watts, and it can work more smoothly with sharp stainless steel blades. So now you can take this miraculous blender to your home and enjoy fresh juices, breadcrumbs, liquefied, light foods and concentrated foods, homemade mint margaritas, milkshakes, mixed fruits, vegetables, cold coffee, and Ground ice.

Firstly, The Hamilton Beach Food Chopper Blender takes your mixing options one step further, allowing you to mix in a larger restricted box or convert into a helpful chopper. Secondly, Each food chopper is equipped with incredible blending and chipping edges, providing excellent results from the main block to the final block.

For great results, ceaselessly territory liquid inside the blender box first, at that factor, comprises the unwinding of the trimmings. This permits holding the combination moving inside the blender, creating smoother results. Incorporate more liquid if your mix has all the earmarks of being unnecessarily thick and isn’t blending suitably.

This model isn’t excessively boisterous. So, it has less sturdy plastic pieces, similar to the cutting edge connection, and the pitcher has indents that forestall smooth mixing. So, The machine is fit for pounding ice yet doesn’t deliver as smooth a mix as different models.


  • Inexpensive and lightweight
  • Patented blades and Wave Action blending system
  • 14 blending functions including several presets
  • Durable glass pitcher
  • Three-year warranty

Buyer guide about best ice crusher for smoothies:

If you want to crush ice cubes, you may need a sturdy blender and a sturdy blade. But how to choose all the options and find the best ice crusher model for smoothies for your purpose? Read on for a handy selection guide.


If you are looking for a machine that can crush anything you put in it, you may need a higher power (about 1,500 watts or more) electric motor. If you are willing to melt frozen fruits and vegetables before melting or promise to use smaller ice cubes, then a lower power motor may be fine. Keep in mind that a less powerful machine may be more budget-friendly.


It can say that this is an essential function of the blender, and its blade will determine the smoothness and fullness of your blending. The most durable blade meetings are made of stainless steel. They come in several different shapes and have other numbers of tips.

If you only use a blender to crush ice and make frozen beverages, you may need a blender with a two-edged blunt-edged blade assembly, such as our first choice, Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Classic Original Blender. This design is particularly effective on ice and is safer to clean. If you want to use a more versatile blender, then a sharp blade assembly and many blades may be suitable for you.


You may want the new equipment to last as long as possible. It can confirm this by looking for sturdy materials such as stainless steel, tempered glass, and drop-resistant Tritan plastic. You may also be interested in features such as automatic overheat protection and an effective motor cooling fan.

Good control:

Generally, the mixer has two working methods through your manual input or a pre-programmed mode. There is no excellent choice. Pre-programming becomes more accessible and more accessible, but you lose the ability to control the operation, making it more challenging to try different technologies.

Easy to use:

Similar to controls, a decent blender will be easy to use and maintain. Look for clearly marked containers, pouring spouts, well-sealed lids, and removable blades for easy cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you crush the ice to make a smoothie?

  • Add ice to the blender. Add cold water to cover about half of the ice. Pulsate until most of the ice cubes form about 1/4 inch in size.
  • Pour the mixture into the sieve. If necessary, take out more giant ice cubes. Store crushed ice in the refrigerator.

Can the smoothie machine crush ice?

If you want a more robust and high-quality crushed ice machine, please consider vitamin A3500. The “frozen drink” preset can crush ice cubes into snow more petite than a minute. It can also produce smooth, spreadable almond butter and excellent smoothies.

How do I know if my blender can crush ice cubes?

When using a personal blender to crush ice cubes, consider the size of the ice cubes. A unique mixer can use to break ice cubes, but only if the quantity of ice cubes is small and the size of the ice cube should be small.

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