Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stand for Artificial Trees 2023

The Christmas tree is a vital part of Christmas decorations. And when it revolves around twinkling stars and lights, it leaves an everlasting impression on the occasion. Therefore, we compiled a complete guide to getting the Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stand.

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Best Rotating Christmas tree stand

A rolling stand adds an exclusive touch to your decoration. The stunning glass Christmas ornaments can reflect an elegant and unique style to your religious event.

A tree stand showcases Christmas ornaments with the special revolving technique of a Christmas tree. It gives you a healthy and peaceful atmosphere. Furthermore, tree replacement is also very important to maximize its decoration effects.

7 Best Picks – Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

These rotating tree stands have a motor in the base that spins the tree and also power plugs to connect multiple light strings. The tree is installed through a pole fixed in the trunk of the stand with the help of screws.

  1. Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand
  2. Spring lift Rotating Christmas Tree Stand
  3. HAO Christmas Tree Rotating Stand for Artificial Tree
  4. Decorejoy Rotating Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand
  5. Vickerman Electric Spinning Christmas Tree Stand
  6. Home Heritage Electric Christmas Tree Turntable
  7. Home Heritage Rotating Christmas Tree Stand for 9ft Tree

Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand


Everyone wants to showcase their Christmas tree decorations from every angle. The best choice is a rotating adjustable Christmas tree. This tree-turner stand makes a full 360 angle every 70 seconds, forward or reverse. The Adjustable Christmas tree stand-by best choice has three main featured settings. Therefore, you can adjust your tree according to your preference.

In addition, you can rotate your Christmas tree with lights on. Secondly, you can turn the lights on without rotating your tree. Thirdly, power can be completely off with or without rotation. The stand’s 26″ x 26″ base consists of 3 two-prong outlets that help connect Christmas lights. Moreover, trees decorated with lights or ornaments look crooked at home, so a Christmas tree rotator is the best choice all season long.

Besides, this turning tree stand ensures that the tree is in the right position. The revolving of the tree gives a breathable environment and becomes an ideal in people’s eyes. Moreover, the adjustable tree stand is more reliable and versatile. You can easily use this motorized Christmas tree stand for your home decoration. It can hold any artificial tree of weight up to 80 lbs.


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Tree Height: 7.5ft
  • Three built-in outlets
  • Weight capacity 80 lbs
  • Durable and versatile
  • Rotate with lights on and off
  • Stand Weight: 2.6 pounds

Spring lift Rotating Christmas Tree Stand


Spring lift is famous because this is the oldest name of a tree stand in the United States. This amazing tree-rotating stand is made with folding metal. The stand can hold 7 ft to 7.5 ft tall artificial trees. Furthermore, the trunk has three adapters according to the size of the tree pole; 0.8″, 1″, and 1.28″. The Christmas tree is decorated with different ornaments, Santa Claus, stars, and lights. These ornaments are arranged with trees in a specific style.

Additionally, this Christmas tree spinning base gives a breathtaking view of the decor from every angle. This 22-inch electrical rotating stand can carry 80 lbs and 1000 lights. Also, it makes your guests wow, with its powerful rotation, equal on all sides.

This rotating tree base stand makes 360-angle rotations, and the guests and the toddlers enjoy the event happily and excitedly. In addition, the switch that is located at the base of the stand allows the tree to rotate lights. The revolution of the tree takes 70 seconds to turn one time from all sides.

The best feature is the remote control that helps you change between the three modes; only light, only rotation, and lights with rotation. But the downside is no plug on the base to connect the lights.


  • Stand Dimensions: 10.59 x 8.03 x 7.52 inches
  • Tree Height: 7.5ft
  • Weight Capacity: 80 Lbs
  • Stand weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Rotation: 360 Degree
  • Speed: 1 Rotation in 70 seconds

HAO Christmas Tree Rotating Stand for Artificial Tree

If you want stable power for your tree without producing noise, then the Hao Christmas tree rotating stand is the best option. It is very easy to use and hold and helps increase the attraction of home decor.

The stand is also wireless entanglement. Moreover, the rotating Christmas tree base revolves around it, and guests can feel the decoration from all sides. The stand rotates the tree at a 360-degree angle within 70 seconds. 

Furthermore, this is an easier, more suitable, and more adjustable tree stand for your home. You can easily handle this tree stand for indoor or outdoor tree decorations. For example, you can do it easily if you want to revolve the tree with lights. The trees are rotated without turning the lights on. In addition, you can efficiently switch it off completely.

Additionally, weighing 10 pounds, the frame can carry a tree of size 22 lbs maximum. But the condition is it should be at most the height of 6.9 feet with a pole diameter of not more than 2.2cm.

Hopefully, your toddlers make fun with charming lights hanging on revolving Christmas trees.


  • Stand Diameter: 40cm
  • Trunk Diameter: 2.2cm
  • Tree Size: 5.9ft to 6.9 ft
  • Rotation: 70 Sec
  • Weight Capacity: 22 Lbs

Decorejoy Rotating Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand


Switch off your Christmas celebrations with this wonderful and best rotating tree stand. The stand is specially designed to stable artificial trees. The tree size can be 7.5 ft tall. This amazing product is created by Decor joy to enhance your Christmas celebrations.

Moreover, it completely rotates in 70 seconds, even lifting an 80-pound tree. Finally, with about 22 inches base, it stands firmly on the floor with minimum fall risk.

People will fully enjoy seeing this beautiful product. Moreover, the rotating tree stand is used for outdoor tree decorations.

And most surprising is that you can change into three modes with remote control.

In the stand base, two outlets help to connect the Christmas lights. In addition, these outlets also prevent the wires and cords from getting harmful.


  • Stand Dimensions: 10.59 x 7.91 x 7.56 inches
  • Stand Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 80 lbs
  • Makes 360-degree angle
  • Hold 7.5 ft tall artificial tree.

Vickerman Electric Spinning Christmas Tree Stand


The Vickerman electric rotating Christmas tree stand is available at about half of its price on Black Friday Sales. Thus it is just see and grab option. This tree stand adds a different look when it revolves around and creates a happy and fresh environment.

The premium construction of the Vickerman tree stand makes your Christmas event memorable. This electrical tree stand weight is less than 80 lbs which is easy to use and hold.

Furthermore, this electrical stand can easily hold those artificial trees of less than 80 lbs in weight. It looks like a luxury Christmas tree spinner which reflects an amazing image in others’ minds. The tree, whose pole size is between 0.75″ to 1.25″, can easily be held by an electric rotating Christmas tree. It is also used as a tree stand for large trees. This product tree stand is reliable, comfortable, and the best outdoor decoration.

Furthermore, the Vickerman 24″ Electric Rotating Christmas Tree base is made for a 7.5′ tree. It revolves all-around 360 degrees angle. The rotation of the electric tree stand is smooth, easy, and noise-free. It makes the home environment peaceful and breathable. The Vickerman 24″ electric Christmas tree stand contains a 6.5 inches green power cord for on/off. The on/off switch is located at the stand’s base, making it easy to use and reliable. So, Everyone enjoys this wonderful product.


  • Stand Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 8 inches
  • Weight Capacity: Less than 80 lbs
  • Tree Height: 7.5 ft
  • 6.5′ Green power cord
  • Additional Plug: 2 One year warranty

Home Heritage Electric Christmas Tree Turntable


We experienced a full rotation of 360-degree angles every two minutes. In addition, the tree stand has an electrical outlet, so there is no need to worry about lights and cords. The Home Heritage Tree stand has become a traditional tree stand because of its features. It is a reliable and portable metal stand for trees. Heavy-duty tree stand features make it stable to hold a 7.5″ tall tree and weigh up to 90 lbs.

Moreover, the Rotating Christmas tree stands for a artificial tree up to 1.5″ in Diameter. Furthermore, the rotating tree stand has remote control lights with a rotating base. The rotating base showcases all the decorations from each side equally. The Christmas tree stand is also good for outdoor tree decorations.

In addition, the Tree stand works properly, and the look of its rotation is amazing. People enjoy having this beautiful tree stand in their homes. The rotating frame is more reliable and adjustable. Furthermore, this stand is a perfect gift for any occasion, such as Christmas or a celebration. The Home Heritage makes your Christmas celebration fun and clever with this wonderful tree stand. People can enjoy your event with peace of mind and happiness without frustration from a broken tree.


  • Available Colour: Golden, Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Able to hold a tree of 90 lbs
  • 1 to 1.5″ in Diameter
  • Adjustable and Stable
  • 360-Degree rotation
  • Includes 3 Adapters

Home Heritage Rotating Christmas Tree Stand for 9ft Tree


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty artificial tree stand that can go with any party, this is the one. The Complete Versatility of their artificial Christmas trees makes them perfect whether they are up to 9 feet tall or fit your needs at around 120 pounds. In addition, they come complete with 1-inch diameter pole attachments, so these babies will do just fine no matter what size space we have available.

Plus, their pre-lit counterparts only require 1700 light strands, which means less work on behalf of other arrayed celebrations who want nothing more than simple enjoyment from start until finish without.

The 22-inch diameter tree stand is perfect for trees up to 9 feet tall. It has a sturdy metal body that screws into the ground, so you can be sure it will stay put even when pushed by strong winds or covered with snow.


  • Available Colour: Golden, Brown
  • Material: Steel
  • Tree Size: 9ft
  • Built-in Plug: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 120 pounds
  • Trunk Diameter: 1 – 1.75″
  • Stand Dimensions: 22 x 9 inch

Safety Tips While Decorating a Rotating Tree

  • Before fixing the tree, you must check the stand’s capacity and how much weight it can handle. It is also important to maintain the ratio of the ornaments and the tree weight.
  • Place the ornaments and lights in a balance all over the tree to prevent falling due to more weight on one side.
  • Always place the rotating tree in a clear space, away from the windows and curtains, to avoid tangling and dropping the tree jewelry.
  • Please switch off the spinner and always keep it in the room with on power. The reason is that any wire may be damaged, and kids may touch it in your absence.
  • Remember to lock the base when fixing or removing the lights and decorations.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

The decoration of the house on Christmas is incomplete without the lighting. Therefore, you must make a proper strategy before buying a tree stand to decorate your home. Some features that should be in mind while you buy the best.

Size Of Tree

Tree size is a very important feature that should be in mind before buying a revolving tree stand. Because the tree stand offers the tree versatility, the frame should have the capacity to hold a 7.5 ft tall tree if the tree is 7.5 ft. So, the tree size plays an effective role in choosing the right one.

Multiple lights

The stand must have the quality to hold lights hung with the tree. Moreover, the spinning stand can effectively rotate at a 360-degree angle with carrying lights on the tree.

There are two switches on the base, One for switching on/off lights and the second for controlling the tree rotation.

Best in affordable price

The rotating tree base at an affordable price is quite good for your budget. It also gets top-rated for being stable, heavy-duty, and easy to assemble. So, it most felt to buy at a good reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to plug lights into a rotating Christmas stand?

Firstly, observe the stand and find out each part of it. Next, fix the tree pipe into the swivel part of the rotating tree stand. Now, look at the non-rotating part of the base where multiple power plugs are installed.

Finally, you need to insert the switch of the lights into any of the plugs.

If your light string is insufficient to give a dense look to your tree, then you may use more string. That is the reason the stand base has more than one plug.

How to use swivel straight Christmas tree stand parts?

A foot pedal controls the locking system of the straight swivel stand. It is easy to unlock and remove from the stand.

  1. Pull out the foot pedal unless completely extended.
  2. Hold the tree trunk tightly and fix it into the receptacle after unlocking the stand.
  3. To unlock the receptacle, press down the pedal.
  4. Set the tree straight and release the pedal to re-lock it.

How do I get my Christmas tree to stand straight?

It is tough for one person to stand the Christmas tree straight. You need a partner who helps you while standing the tree in the right position. Then, one should put the trunk upright, and the second should set the eye underneath. At last, the tree should tighten strongly to stand it in the right position.

How does a rotating Christmas tree base work?

Christmas tree stands consist of a base that holds an electrical motor. The electrical motor helps to lock the tree in the stand firmly. The tree’s trunk is fixed in the ground, tightly bound with screws.

Where to buy a rotating stand for Christmas tree?

The easiest platform to get Christmas stuff is the amazon. The reason is, in winters amazon offers Black Friday Sales with great discounts. And you can get everything with just some clicks.


A rotating stand gives your Christmas tree a more impulsive look when it slowly revolves in any corner of the yard or living area. Remember to follow the safety measures to avoid any mishap.

But be careful finding the one and consider the size of the tree you will install on it. Also, look into the versatility of built-in plugs and multiple mode settings to make the tree more whimsical.

If we consider all the above points, there is only one that needs to include all of the above features; the Home Heritage Rotating Tree Stand that can hold the largest 9ft size of an artificial tree.