Best Snow Shovel for Seniors 2023

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A snow shovel is an important winters tool to remove the snow from the front of your house. In the winter season, everyone from the family, including the seniors, starts shoveling the snow. To ensure that the shoveling becomes an easier task for them, you need the best snow shovel for seniors.

Best Snow Shovel for Seniors

Shoveling the snow is inevitable, but if seniors use the cheap models of snow shovels, there are some risks involved. According to the studies, about 21.8% of injuries due to snow shovels occur in seniors above age 55. In addition, the cheap models may leave them with an aching back and sore arms.

It may seem easy to you to find the perfect snow shovel for your seniors, but you have to consider many things to get a user-friendly snow shovel. First, it is necessary that the snow shovel for seniors is easy to carry and does not cause back pain. In addition, the snow shovel must have durable construction, a wide blade, and an ergonomic design. You can also go for the electric snow shovels.

Here in this article, you will get to know what type of snow shovel you should buy for seniors. So, read on till the end, and let us help you choose the safe and best snow shovel for your seniors.

Top-rated snow shovels for seniors

There is a wide variety of snow shovels present in the market. But you need the perfect one that does not put a strain on the back during shoveling of ice. Therefore, after thorough research, we have shortlisted the top six snow shovels perfect for seniors.

  1. Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel
  2. CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher
  3. Snowcaster 30SNC Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel
  4. ErgieShovel ERG-SNSH18 Steel Shaft Snow Shovel
  5. Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV02 Polycarbonate Snow Shovel
  6. Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Snow Shovel
  7. Folding Emergency Snow Shovel

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

This snow shovel has an ergonomic design and requires less bending than other snow shovels present in the market. The 18 inches sturdy and impact-resistant blade is highly durable and is built to last. It allows you to shovel the snow from sideways and walkways easily with minimum effort.

If you want with a larger blade, then a 20inch aluminum blade shovel is available at Cyber Monday Discount Deals.

In addition, the spring-assist handle serves as a fulcrum and allows you to lift heavy snow piles without any strain on the back. This snow shovel will enable you to work smartly and get the snow out of your way quickly and easily. Its ergonomic design greatly reduces the effort, strain, and potential injury involved in shoveling.

It allows you to use the powerful muscles of your upper body to do the lifting and throwing and send lifting leverage to the lower hand, which reduces the back strain. In addition, the comfortable and ergonomic D-ring handle grip makes it an ideal winter tool.

Moreover, it is convenient to carry and move because it is extremely lightweight. The Snow Joe Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel weighs only 3.7 pounds. In addition, the spring-loaded handle allows it to quickly return to its usual form after throwing the snow and is ready for the next load.

The ergonomic design, durable and high-quality material, shatter-resistant blade make this the best snow shovel for seniors.

Features of Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Snow Shovel

  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • 18-inch polypropylene blade
  • Spring-loaded handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use

CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

The CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher is one of the best snow shovels for seniors on the list. The telescoping handle is extendable and can be adjusted easily for a total height range of 47-51 inches x 16.5 inches wide.

In addition, the blade of this snow pusher is 26 inches wide and 13 inches tall. It takes fewer passes to clear a whole path than it would take with a narrower traditional shovel. This lightweight snow pusher is easy to carry and move. It weighs only 9 pounds. So, there is no need to go for heavy snow shovels, which drains your energy.

This snow shovel is made up of high-quality material and built to last. The aluminum handle with padding, shovel with a metal scraping blade, and polypropylene wheels make it extra efficient, and it perfectly removes the snow from the patios and walkways.

Moreover, it has a durable pivoting for gliding around edges, sidewalks, and driveways. There is no need for bending because the adjustable handle allows for getting the perfect length. The strategic pushing angle allows you to stand upright without any strain on the back.

Besides that, the handle is wrapped with soft padding for extra comfort and warmth. The unique design of the snow shovel replaces the physical bending, lifting, throwing, and turning motions with the simple forward pushing and pivoting movement.

Features of CASL Brands Heavy-Duty Rolling Snow Pusher

  • 6-inch polypropylene wheels
  • Adjustable telescoping handle
  • 26 inches wide blade
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Durable
  • Extra traction

Snowcaster 30SNC Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel

Snowcaster 30SNC Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel

This heavy-duty wheeled contractor model is 50% more efficient than the traditional snow shovels. It is perfect for snow removal, barn clean-ups, and other plowing projects. In addition, the bidirectional and angled blade is ideal for windrowing snow. The blades are highly durable and efficiently shovel the snow.

The durable wheels increase the stability and shoveling speed. It is easy to use as there is no lifting required and saves your time and energy. Moreover, the Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher is built to last. It is constructed with high-quality material and can even scoop through thin layers of ice on top of the snow.

In addition, this durable 30-inch shovel can assemble easily in less than 10 minutes. It is user-friendly and works best for residential use. This snow shovel weighs only 11 pounds; therefore, it is easy to carry and convenient to move around.

Besides that, the ergonomic handle provides excellent grip and allows to push snow effortlessly. It ensures easier and less strenuous shoveling and does not put any strain on the back. 

So, it is a perfect winter tool to shovel the snow from the walkways, pathways, patios, and driveways. Now you no need to scoop the snow and transfer it to another place. Instead, simply push the snow with this best snow shovel for seniors and saves your time and effort.

Features of Snowcaster 30SNC Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel

  • Bidirectional blade
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • No lifting required
  • Easy to assemble
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ErgieShovel ERG-SNSH18 Steel Shaft Snow Shovel

ErgieShovel ERG-SNSH18 Steel Shaft Snow Shovel

The ErgieShovel impact-resistant snow shovel features 18-inch wide steel blade. Now you can clear more snow with minimum effort and can work for an extended time. The push and scoop combination blade make it convenient to shovel the snow from the patios, sidewalks, and walkways.

The hard-packed and deep snow takes a lot of energy and muscle strength to move. But you can cut the job down with this snow shovel as it has a large D-grip for extra control.

In addition, the 28-inch steel shaft is highly durable and designed to last for years. The shovel is easy to carry as it weighs only 4 pounds. So, you can easily transport it from one place to another and work with this lightweight shovel for a long time. Its ergonomic design reduces the strain on the hands and arms during the shoveling of ice.

On top of that, the added handle on the combination snow shovel shaft allows for added leverage. It minimizes the strain on the back and gives you the ability to work smartly. 

So, this snow shovel is excellent in its features and is best for the seniors because now, with this snow shovel, they can easily shovel the snow without any back strain.

Features of ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Snow Shovel

  • 18-inch wide blade
  • 28-inch steel shaft
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual handles
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV02 Polycarbonate Snow Shovel

Snow Joe Shovelution SJ-SHLV02 Polycarbonate Snow Shovel

With this snow shovel in your hands, you don’t need to bend much for shoveling and pushing the snow, which causes muscle strain. The ergonomic D-ring handle grips of Snow Joe Shovelution Snow Shovel make it highly comfortable to use. It weighs around 3.6 pounds; therefore, it is not difficult to carry and is ideal for clearing the walkways and driveway pathways.

This best snow shovel for the elderly has an 18 inch clear and impact-resistant polycarbonate blade. The blade delivers exceptional durability and is translucent, so you can see exactly where you need to clear. In addition, the spring-loaded handle acts like a fulcrum which efficiently changes the mechanics of the shoveling and reduces the strain on the back.

Moreover, it is easy to use because it provides the lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift the greater loads easily. On top of that, it is a manual snow shovel, so you don’t need to worry about the battery charging or the power outlet to connect it, and it does not restrict you to the specific cleaning reach. Thus, this highly affordable snow shovel greatly reduces the strain, effort, and potential injury involved in shoveling.

The snow shovel using the powerful muscle of your upper body to do lifting and throwing sends lifting leverage to the lower hand and reduces the back pain up to 30%. So, now you can lift more and throw farther without having an aching back.   

Features of Snow Joe Polycarbonate Snow Shovel

  • Material: Metal
  • Ergonomic design
  • Spring-assist handle
  • 18-inch polycarbonate blade
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Easy to use 

Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Snow Shovel

Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Snow Shovel

The Greenworks G-MAX is the best cordless snow shovel for seniors. This powerful snow shovel helps you easily move the snow out of your way. The cordless, battery-powered snow shovel makes you clean all the snow from the sidewalks, walkways, and patios without much effort.

With a 12 inches shoveling width and 4 inches clearing depth, this snow shovel gets the job done efficiently. In addition, it discharges snow up to 20 feet and comes with a 4.0 AH battery and a charger. The battery run time is 30 minutes when fully charged.

For better performance, use the battery stored at room temperature because if the battery temperature is too cold, then the snow thrower may not start properly. If the unit does not start, remove the battery and allow it to warm indoor for 10 minutes or longer. After that, reinstall the battery and try again.

Moreover, the Greenworks G-MAX is lightweight; therefore, it is easy to carry. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue. Besides that, the 6 inches rear wheels are tough enough to move through any stubborn snow. It has a brushless motor for durable and efficient performance. In addition, the auxiliary handle provides great control. So, this versatile snow shovel is perfect for all your projects.

It is not mandatory to buy the complete package. You can also get only tool at lower price without battery and charge .

Features of Greenworks G-MAX 40V Snow Shovel

  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • 40V lithium-ion battery
  • Battery-powered
  • Powerful motor
  • 12-inch shoveling width
  • Up to 30min run time

Folding Emergency Snow Shovel

Folding Emergency Snow Shovel

With winter coming, it’s important to be prepared. A good snow shovel can help you get through the harsh cold and snowy seasons with ease! Our lightweight design will not tire out your arm, so there’s no need for an extra pair of gloves if things go south during those chilly days or nights outside; grab this thingie off its hook by grabbing onto the handle grip first before throwing it into the bag alongside other necessary gear like coats boots, etc.

The lightweight aluminum construction of this shovel allows you to easily maneuver the handle when shoveling snow, dirt, or mud. It’s also made with high-quality parts that make it perfect for camping trips on your turf as well.

This shovel is easy to store and pack for backcountry skiers or snowboarders with its innovative folding design. The shaft extends when needed, so you have extra leverage, while the rubber handle provides a textured grip that’s perfect in any condition.

Fortunately, you can snowmobile or 4-whee at any time of year with our great product. It’s durable enough to handle whatever natural elements are thrown it’s way.

Extended Dimensions:9″ Width x 34.25″ Length x 2 4 ; Compact dimension 9 “widex 22 inch length with a height of only 2 inches! This item weighs just over 3 pounds, so it’s incredibly lightweight for its size, making them perfect for taking on your next adventure whether you are camping or traveling in style by plane.”

Buyer’s guide for the best snow shovel for seniors

While buying a snow shovel for seniors, there are some important things that you should keep in your mind. It is better to get the one that meets all your needs. Therefore, we have mentioned some key considerations that help you choose the best snow shovel for the elderly.

  • Quality of blade
  • Weight and size
  • Handle and grip
  • Design of shovel

Quality of blade

It is the most important consideration when buying a snow shovel. The efficiency of the snow shovel depends on the quality of the blade. If the blade of your shovel is not of high-quality material, then it bends or breaks easily, and it will be problematic for you.

The blade with an angled rib structure is ideally best for efficient use. In addition, the premium-grade blade helps you to use the snow shovel for a long period.

A flat-bladed shovel is best for chopping out the deep layer of snow, while the rounded blade is good for pushing and lifting the snow. So, choose the right one according to your need.

Weight and size

It is difficult for seniors to remove snow with a big and heavy snow shovel. Therefore, it is necessary to get a shovel that is lightweight, easy to transport, and perfect in size.

Snow shovels of proper size and weight help in a lot of ways. It helps the seniors to remove the snow easily because it puts less strain on the back and heart. Therefore, one must consider this point before buying the best shovel for the elderly.

Handle and grip

The handle and grip are also important considerations while buying the snow shovel. The handle should be extended and must have an adjustable height for efficient use.

An ergonomic handle with a sharp curve is best for shoveling snow. It provides a good grip and does not fall from the hands. It is better to choose the D-grip handle or the T-shaped one for a better result. Moreover, some new models have double handles or wheeled handles that are more comfortable and efficient.

Design of shovel 

The snow shovel for seniors must be designed in a way that puts the minimum load on the back. It should not cause any stress on the joints and other body parts.

In addition, the shovel with an adjustable design is best for the health and safety of seniors. Therefore, it is essential to consider the overall design of the shovel before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size snow shovels work best?

The size of the blade is an important thing to consider. The 18 inches shovels are good for pitching and scooping the snow out of the way. However, the wider shovels of 24-30 inches are best for pushing the snow down the driveways.

Which is best: metal, steel, or plastic snow shovel?

For clearing off the ice and hard-packed snow, the steel or aluminum blades work best. These metals are lightweight but extremely strong and have sharp edges. On the other hand, the metal blades can damage the decking and other wooden surfaces. For light to medium snow, you can use the plastic blade snow shovels.

Is a curved snow shovel works better?

The curved shovels decrease the number of bendings required and also how far you have to bend over to remove the snow. In addition, the bent-handle shovels also minimize the mechanical load on the lower back by 16%.

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