Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet under 100 in 2023

Do you believe that vacuums are expensive and still clean your living area by dusting and moping? But what about carpets and rugs? Which are the habitat of billions of germs and allergens. So, if you are under continuous budget constraints and find getting a vacuum cleaner costly, scroll down this article and learn about the best vacuum cleaner for carpet under 100.


Mopping doesn’t work for carpets and rugs, even to clear dust. And if they are not cleaned properly, the dust might settle inside them, which is harmful to health. 

Surely for such a low price, you have to give up on performance for other surfaces, but they will be perfect for carpets and rugs.

Furthermore, vacuum cleaners reduce both time and effort. Thus you will be able to maintain overall hygiene at your place.

How did We pick these Vacuums as Best for the Carpets?

Finding a good vacuum cleaner for housekeeping is easier than if you choose solely for carpets. And if you have a limitation of affordability, it is a big challenge.

Because all vacuums are only efficient for some surfaces, we must be more vigilant on features that prove ideal for high and low-pile carpets, rugs, door mats, and sofas.

To achieve the above target, we picked all those with great suction that can pull germs and dirt from deep down the surface. All seven were recommended for all surfaces, including carpets; otherwise, if they are specifically designed to clean such tops.

Also, our selections were stamped by the vacuum cleaner reviews on amazon. So we elected all those with positive remarks as far as carpets are concerned.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner under 100 never means compromising on durability. Along with the sturdiness of carpets, the enlisted vacuums are under Warranty which is sufficient to confirm that the item is reliable.

7 Top Vacuum Cleaners under $100 for Carpets

Check out our top picks, get the best budget vacuum cleaner for carpets, and make your indoor environment purer.

  1. Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro – Best Upright Vacuum under $100 
  2. Eureka WhirlWind – Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner under $100
  3. Bissell Cleanview – Best Upright Vacuum under $100
  4. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster – Best Cordless Vacuum under $100
  5. Dirt Devil Power Express – Best Pet Vacuum under $100  
  6. Eureka 3670H – Best Canister Vacuum under $100
  7. Bissell Featherweight Bagless – Best Cordless Stick Vacuum under $100

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro – Best Upright Vacuum under $100

Why We Picked it up

  • Vacuum plus spray mop
  • Disposable VACMOP pads
  • Touch the button to remove the Dirt pad
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • LED headlights to sea-hidden Dust

Why is it the Best

It is surprising to get an all-in-one cleaning gadget in such an economical range. That is why the Shark VACMOP model wins the competitor’s race for carpet cleaning. You don’t need to sweep and mop the bare floor or have a separate vacuum.

Furthermore, it is a versatile vacuum, where spray mop efficiently scrubs the surface’s sticky material, and the cleaning solution leaves a shiny floor. 

With this lightweight pro cleaner, it is not difficult to clean above the floor area. You can easily get your stairs cleaned in one go without any stress on your arms.

In addition, to get the maximum cleaning, you are assisted with LED headlights to show you hidden garbage. Also, the disposable pads keep the Dust trapped and don’t let it released into the air. Moreover, you can throw them without touching them, yes, but a button is there to press.

In a nutshell, the VACMOP Pro helps to keep your home clean and tidy in the best hygienic way. Although unlike other models, you don’t have to change the filter, here in this Shark, the alternate expense is Shark Mop Pad Refills.

Lastly, Shark offers one year warranty for this model, which is sufficient for a reliable purchase.


  • Form Factor: Upright
  • Filter Type: Foam
  • Recommended Surface: Carpet and Hard floor
  • Components Included: Disposable Pads, VACMOP, LED Headlights, Cleaning Solution, Charger
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Item Weight: 3.34 Pounds
  • Capacity: 0.1 Quarts
  • Wattage: 85 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year

What Buyers Liked

  • Besides compactness for convenient maneuverability, it is brilliant at the suction
  • Unexpected suction capacity found super sturdy for carpet
  • It does not lose suction as the battery gets used; even battery life is sufficient for one-day cleaning
  • Low price refills, hence it proved as a cost-effective product

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The only limitation is, unlike old models, it does not spray and vacuum simultaneously.

Eureka WhirlWind – Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner under $100

Why We Picked it up

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Three settings for different surfaces
  • Automatic cord-rewind
  • Washable filters
  • Swivel Steering, Telescoping metal wand
  • Reliable with one year warranty

Why is it the Best

Eureka Whirlwind is the best budget vacuum cleaner for daily use and cleaning carpets and rugs. Besides its superb suction that deep cleans all the surfaces, you will admire the wonderful construction and built quality.

Whirlwind is a versatile vacuum under 100 that is good for all surfaces of your home. While switching between three settings, you can clean different surfaces with minimum effort.

It is no longer tiring to carry a vacuum cleaner throughout the house. But being lightweight never means that you will have to compromise over the Power of the machine. Also, there is an integrated airflow control system with a button on the handle.

The great Eureka is perfect for unplanned cleaning or collecting snack pieces from the rugs spread by your toddler. Moreover, easy-to-empty dust canisters and washable filters eliminate the extra carrying cost.

And finally, when you are done with your vacuuming, there is no issue with storing it.


  • Form Factor: Canister
  • Filter Type: Disk
  • Recommended Surface: Carpet, Hard Floor, Upholstery
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Item Weight: 8.29 Pounds
  • Capacity: 1.2 Liters
  • Wattage: 960
  • Noise Level: 82 dB
  • Controller Type: Push Button
  • Warranty: 1 year

What Buyers Liked

  • Extremely lightweight, that I am facing no more back ache
  • Amazed by the height and floor adjustments; they truly reduced my effort
  • Impressive suction power, unexpected from such a tiny piece that sucks all in one go.
  • The cord is retractable that avoids tangling disturbance while vacuuming around.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The dust canister is small and requires to be emptied after each use.

Bissell Cleanview – Best Upright Vacuum under $100

Why We Picked it up

  • Long-lasting
  • Multi-cyclonic system and scatter-free technology
  • One button push the empty tank
  • The onboard storage of tools
  • 25 feet power cord
  • 13.5″ Cleaning head

Why is it the Best

Bissell’s clean view is another brilliant choice of a vacuum cleaner that stands sturdy for carpets and upholstery even for under 100. But it is as efficient and compatible with all floors due to its multi-cyclonic function.

Although the dirt cup capacity pushes it down among the competitors, it is our choice because it is enough for one-day cleaning of only rugs and carpets.

Similarly, the short hose length might discourage getting it, but the long cord allows wide area cleaning without unplugging, at least in a room and lounge.

When looking at the size of the cleaning head, you will be able to clean the area much faster than any other on the list. Moreover, it captures all in one go, and the strong suction power does not let the particles and paper pieces scatter before being slurped.

But apart from all the plus points, it lacks automatic cord rewind. And it might be frustrating wrapping 25 feet of the cord after cleaning the whole house. 


  • Form Factor: Upright
  • Filter Type: Disk
  • Recommended Surface: Hard Floor, Carpet
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Components Included: HEPA Filter, Crevice tool, Brush
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Weight: 12.5 Pounds
  • Capacity: 1Liter
  • Amperage: 8 Amps
  • Controller Type: Touch
  • Hose Length: 6 Feet
  • Warranty: N/A

What Buyers Liked

  • It has been with me for the last five years, so be confident about its longevity
  • It sucks up all well with great efficiency.
  • Pet Hair tool is brilliant that I collect long dog hair almost every second day.
  • With good suction, it is a nice vacuum for carpets and hardwood.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The handle is composed of 2 parts joined together, which sometimes pinches the skin.
  • There is air outflow which makes it doubtful to have a HEPA filter.

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster – Best Cordless Vacuum under $100

Why We Picked it up

  • Cordless + Bagless dirt bowl
  • Compact, Lightweight, and portable
  • Easy to use and store
  • Requires low Power for charging

Why is it the Best

Refrain from letting the cheap price tag misguide you about the performance of this tiny Dustbuster. Among the vacuum cleaners category, it is the best example of beauty with great craftsmanship. 

Learned from the users’ experience, it is a highly recommended product for vacuuming, and also the most demanded one. Thanks to its efficient cleaning that is the same for covered and bare floors. 

Also, being cordless and handheld, it is extremely portable. When vacuuming is a breeze with such a lightweight machine, there is daily cleaning without a second thought. Thus you get a healthy indoor environment.

Further, what is better than a power-saving tool that minimizes human efforts in cleaning hard-to-reach places? Yes, a crevice tool lets you clean around the legs of furniture.

Besides the reasonable size of the dirt bowl, it is translucent to know when it is time to dump it.

Lastly, forget to worry about where to store it; place it near the power source on its wall mount base. With the appealing look, there is no need to hide it behind the doors or in the cabinets.


  • Form Factor: Handheld
  • Filter Type: Disk
  • Recommended Surface: Carpet, Hardwood, Tile, Marble, Upholstery
  • Components Included: 7.2V 2.0AH CORDLESS HAND VAC- GRAY
  • Voltage: 7.2 Volts
  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds
  • Capacity: 13 Ounces
  • Warranty: 2-year limited Warranty.

What Buyers Liked

  • It is unbelievable to get such a powerful vacuum at a low price
  • Sucks snacks pieces from in between my sofa cushions
  • There is no more dust under my doormat and rugs.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The flap does not close while hanging for charging, which lets the insects come out again
  • It takes too long to get recharged, and still, battery life is pathetic

Dirt Devil Power Express – Best Pet Vacuum under $100

Why We Picked it up

  • Rinse filter
  • Easy-to-empty dirt cup
  • Compact and extremely lightweight design
  • 28 feet total reach, 10′ Hose + 18′ Cord length
  • Heavy duty
  • Great suction power to pull out stubborn pet hairs

Why is it the Best

As the title refers, when you have pet hair all around your house, especially on the fabric surfaces, look nowhere except DirtDevil Power Express. Not only is it meant for upholstery, but it is also great for bare floors and stairs.

It is a wow moment when you find it convertible to handheld. Just remove the handle and go up and down the stairs. The removable head allows every corner to be cleaned. Thus you will surely get rid of dirt cakes from the curtains, walls, and ceiling.

However, this lightweight cleaner is easy to carry around and lets you finish without breaks. But the dirt cup allows small cleaning jobs, or you will have to empty it often while cleaning the house. So it is recommended more for the carpets, not the whole apartment.

But, its light weight makes it stand proudly among the best car vacuum cleaners.

Moreover, it has a powered brush roll that prevents scratches on the hardwood. Besides, with a washable filter and easy-to-empty dust can, it is both convenient to use and cheap to maintain.

If properly cared for, it will accompany you for a longer period than any other among the picks.


  • Special Feature: Corded
  • Form Factor: Stick
  • Filter Type: Disk
  • Recommended Surface: Dual Action
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Weight: 3.6 Pounds
  • Capacity: 0.4 Liters
  • Controller Type: Hand Control
  • Warranty: 1 -year

What Buyers Liked

  • Brilliantly picks up my kittens hair and pulls the Dust from deep down the rugs
  • Extremely lightweight, even for the elder person
  • Surprisingly sucks fine size particles and food spills from carpets
  • Found it a great vacuum for long human hair

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The cord could have been longer
  • Not recommendable for cleaning rugs

Eureka 3670H – Best Canister Vacuum under $100

Why We Picked it up

  • Convenient to operate and manage
  • Extension wand for extended reach
  • Enough dust bag capacity for one-day cleaning
  • Mess-free replacement of dust bag
  • Sturdy and reliable

Why is it the Best

Eureka is renowned for manufacturing powerful vacuum cleaners for all purposes. Its 3670H is one of the most powerful we have selected for low and high-pile carpets.

However, you will find it a bit heavier than other models on the list. But surely the lighter among the canisters, and it is manageable to clean the whole apartment without any break. Otherwise, we have already suggested it is best for carpets.

If you ever plan to use it for complete house cleaning, the extension wand provides great access to hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, you can vacuum from floor to ceiling standing in one spot.

To assist you more is the large dust bag capacity which is also safe to use. Just throw away all rubbish and tangled pet hair without touching the bag.

Furthermore, the attachment tools for multi-surface cleaning enhance the usage and worth of the product. Similarly, the dual-purpose dusting brush makes it ideal for carpets and hard floors.

This vacuum cleaner easily blows away dirt and debris to clean garages and outdoor spaces. In conclusion, the Eureka 3670H is packed with all those features that let you toggle between the surfaces. So it is always ready to tidy up your house if it is messed up by your pet friend or by the naughty kids of any friend.


  • Filter Type: Foam
  • Recommended Surface: Dual Action
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Components Included: Nozzle, Canister, Crevice tool, Brush
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Item Weight: 8.6 Pounds
  • Capacity: 2.5 Liters
  • Wattage: 1400 watts
  • Noise Level: 90 dB
  • Warranty: 1 year.

What Buyers Liked

  • Maneuverability is superb because of its lightweight body
  • An outstanding machine that slurps hair and particles in one go from rugs and carpet

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The quality of the product does not justify the big price tag
  • The cord is short, so you would either need an extension, or you will have to change the power plug.
  • A bit noisy that disturbs my cat 

Bissell Featherweight Bagless – Best Stick Vacuum under $100

Why We Picked it up

  • Extremely light in to carry for long
  • 3 settings for multiple purposes
  • Crevice tool and nozzle head for maximum cleaning
  • Reliable product

Why is it the Best

The BISSELL Featherweight Vacuum is a powerful and straightforward method to remove Dust and dirt from your carpets.

Undoubtedly, this versatile stick is the best vacuum cleaner under $50, which you can easily transform into three other machines. Use it easily on the carpet and hardwood floors, as a hand vacuum on furniture or above the floor, and as a stair vacuum.

Its featherweight does not influence the Power of suction. Hence, you will still find it sturdy and versatile for all surfaces and floors. In addition, to allow cleaning with the least hassle, this dusting companion has an easy-to-empty dirt cup and auto cord rewind.

Every part is removable, so compact storage and easy handling are possible.

In short, this Bissell cordless is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces. You will get a clean floor under the rugs and floor mats.


  • Filter Type: Disk
  • Recommended Surface: Hard Floor, Carpet, Upholstery
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Components Included: Crevice tool
  • Item Weight: 2.6 Pounds
  • Capacity: 0.67 Liters
  • Controller Type: Hand Control
  • Warranty: Limited 1 year.

What Buyers Liked

  • No jamming design to protect the motor assembly
  • Great performance on floor, carpet, sofas, and rugs
  • Detachable to use as a handheld vacuum, so it is easy to carry out daily vacuuming

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The dirt cup size is insufficient for the whole house, but for a small apartment, it is good.
  • The cord is short even does not cover the floor without changing the plug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best vacuum cleaner for housekeeping?

A: If you are satisfied with the features of the vacuums mentioned above and are also under budget limitation, then all these are also good for housekeeping.

But the best, in our opinion, is the Eureka 3670H, the most powerful with 1400 wattage and the biggest dirt bag size.

Q: I need suggestions for a custom powerful vacuum cleaner for my house.

A: All the above picks are great with power adjustments according to surfaces. Go through the article and find the best according to your preferences.

Q: Which is the best vacuum cleaner for carpet stairs under 100?

A: From the above, the best vacuums for carpeted stairs are the VACMOP Pro by Shark and Black+Decker. Both are cordless and lightweight, with enhanced maneuverability.

Conclusion about Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet under 100

Hopefully, you are well familiar with your needs and can find the best vacuum cleaner for under 100 dollars. Although we have chosen only those which stand sturdy for all types of carpets, they are also a bit helpful for other tasks. You can also choose cheap vacuums for your cars, stairs, and hard floors. In our opinion, to clean the carpet, Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro vacuum cleaner is the best, for which you will not have to pay even 100 dollar.

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