Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair – Reviews 2023

Are you one of those who are tired of dogs’ hair all over the place? Then surely you need to get the best vacuum cleaner for dog hair.

best vacuum cleaner for dog hair

Undoubtedly, dogs make it harder to keep your house clean, and their hair can cause health issues. All of the pet’s hair can be a source of several germs and allergens.

Source of Bacteria

If you’re not regularly washing your hands after playing with your pet or cleaning up their fur, you could be exposing yourself to harmful bacteria. It’s also important to ensure that any pet hair is removed from surfaces in your home, as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Source of Parasites

If your dog has fleas or ticks, its fur can transfer these parasites to you, which can cause several health problems. Therefore, it is important to keep your pet free of parasites and check them regularly for any signs of an infestation.

Cause of Allergies

Finally, dog hair can also cause allergies in some people. If you’re allergic to dogs but still want to keep one as a pet, there are a few things you can do to minimize your exposure to their fur. For example, you can brush them outside, bathe them frequently, and keep them neat.

You can also invest in an air purifier for your home and wash your hands after playing with your pet. You should also ensure your pet has routine vet visits to check for worms, fleas, and other parasites that could cause health problems.

Besides these precautions, it is best to have a vacuum cleaner that is explicitly designed to remove dog hair and dander from your mattress, carpets and rugs. Such vacuums have many features that make them better than ordinary vacuum cleaners at dealing with this problem.

7 Recommendations for Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair

  1. BISSELL 2998 MultiClean – Allergen Lift-Off Pet Vacuum
  2. Kenmore Floorcare – Upright Bagged Vacuum
  3. Shark HV302 Rocket – Pet Corded Stick Vacuum
  4. Miele Classic C1 – Bagged Canister Vacuum
  5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – Handheld Vacuum
  6. Shark IZ163H Pet Plus – Cordless Stick Vacuum
  7. Hoover MAXLife – Bagless Upright Vacuum

BISSELL 2998 MultiClean – Allergen Lift-Off Pet Vacuum


  • Special Feature: Portable, Lightweight, Headlight, HEPA
  • Form Factor: Upright
  • Filter Type: Foam
  • Recommended Surfaces: Carpet, Hard Floor
  • Product Dimensions: 14″L x 11″W x 32″H
  • Components: Canister, HEPA Filter, Brush
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Product Weight: 15.7 Pounds
  • Hose Length: 7 Feet
  • Warranty: Limited 5 years

Why is it Best

The BISSELL 2998 MultiClean Pet Vacuum is a great choice for pet parents looking for a quick and convenient way to remove pet hair from multiple surfaces in their homes. Also, the innovative 2-in-1 Lift-Off design features a removable canister, making it easy to clean pet hair anywhere.

Furthermore, the Tangle-Free Brush Roll, HEPA Sealed Allergen System, One Touch Empty, and pet tools that stock right on the cleaner makes it a great choice for anyone with pets. Plus, this vacuum doesn’t just tidy up after pets; it helps protect them!

BISSEL supports its Pet Foundation, which helps save homeless pets. When you purchase a BISSELL item, you also do the same.

Generally people thought the suction power was amazing and picked up things that their old vacuum had missed. Also, the dust container was on the smaller side and had to be emptied more often.

People liked that the detachable power unit was portable for cleaning stairs and furniture. In addition, the main rotating brush was good for getting pet hair out. But some people found that the crevice tool was too wide to fit in tight areas, and the brush end on the crevice tool was cheaply made and bent easily.

BISSELL 2998 multi-clean vacuum wins the race of competitors with its HEPA filter. In addition, it offers the longest warranty claim and hose length. But for the lighter machine, you will have to look for other alternatives on the list.

However, if you have a dog that doesn’t shed very much or doesn’t mind emptying the dust container more often, this vacuum might be a good choice. But probably, it is not the best choice for people with dogs that shed a lot of hair.


  • Amazing suction power
  • The detachable power unit is portable
  • The main rotating brush is good for pet hair


  • The dust container is on the smaller side
  • The crevice tool is too wide to fit in tight areas
  • The brush end on the crevice tool is cheaply made and gets bent easily
  • Bulky Structure

Kenmore Floorcare – Upright Bagged Vacuum


  • Special Feature: Dual Action
  • Form Factor: Upright
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 14.5″L x 14.5″W x 45.75″H
  • Components: Combo Dust Upholstery, Per Handimate, Crevice Tool
  • Product Weight: 19 Pounds
  • Wattage: 120 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year

Why is it Best

The next best vacuum cleaner for dog hair is the Kenmore Floorcare. With Pet Handi-Mate, this Upright Bagged Vacuum is a versatile and powerful cleaner that is best for homes with dogs or other pets.

The Pet Handi-Mate is an air-driven turbine that turns the roller brush at extraordinary speeds to easily remove pet hair and other rubbish from rugs, carpets, stairs, and furniture. Moreover, the threefold HEPA filter system catches 99.97% of allergens, bacteria, and dust inside the vacuum. Hence it keeps the air in your home clean and reduces pollutants that can trigger allergies. Moreover, this dual-action cleaning machine has a 2-motor system that provides deep cleaning suction power for every surface.

The Reach-Out telescoping wand allows you to reach tight spaces and come with attachments for dusting, crevices, and bare floors. Simultaneously, this high-end vacuum includes four height adjustments for optimal airflow and cleaning on any plane.

Buyers generally love the Kenmore vacuum and find it a great value for the price. Many users love that it is a heavy-duty vacuum that can tackle tough jobs. They also appreciate the dirt indicator light, which lets them know when they need to move on to another area. Additionally, users find the vacuum to be user-friendly.

The only negative comments relate to the short hose, which makes it difficult to use on stairs or in tight spaces. Additionally, some users find the vacuum bulky and heavy, making it difficult to maneuver.

The HEPA filter and dual action feature in an amazingly affordable range make it prominent among its rivals.

The pet owners or those with allergies would never regret getting the Kenmore Upright vacuum. Despite some short comes, it is a handsome bagged suction cleaning tool that pulls out all your dog’s hair all over your home.


  • Great value for the price
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners
  • Powerful Suction
  • Easy to use 


  • Short hose
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Difficult to maneuver in tight spaces
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Shark HV302 Rocket Pet – Corded Stick Vacuum


  • Special Feature: Lightweight, Compact, Portable
  • Form Factor: Handheld, Stick
  • Filter Type: Foam
  • Recommended Surface: Carpet, Upholstery, Hard Floor
  • Capacity: 0.31 Quartz
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5″L x 9.8″W x 46″H
  • Components: Pet Multi-Tool, Precision Duster, Crevice tool
  • Voltage: 100-120 Volts
  • Product Weight: 8.2 Pounds
  • Wattage: 500 watts
  • Warranty: 5-Years

Why is it Best

The Shark HV302 Rocket is the perfect stick vacuum for homes with pets. This exceptional corded vacuum can easily handle all floor types. Moreover, it is quickly convertible into a handheld vacuum.

It delivers nonstop performance for cleaning the whole house from floor to ceiling. In addition, the swivel steering provides excellent control in tight spaces. The included pet hair attachments also make cleaning up after your furry friends a breeze.

This handheld corded stick is outstanding, with a precision duster for those hard-to-reach areas. It also features an easy-empty dust cup to get back to cleaning quickly. So whether you have carpet, hardwood floors, or tile, the Shark HV302 Vacuum is perfect for keeping your home clean and pet hair-free.

Generally, the buyers liked that it was easy to store, had good suction power, and came with many attachments. They also appreciated how light it was, making it easy to use for quick jobs or daily cleaning. Many found that it worked well for smaller spaces. Some loved how well it detailed their car. However, some people complained that it took longer to suck up debris and didn’t have as much power as a full-size vacuum. Also, the car detailing attachment didn’t work well. The air vent is on the back of the handheld part of the vacuum. And the hot air will blow back at you while vacuuming.

Where the long warranty of 5 years and other portable features make it worth buying, the acute short cup capacity discourages its purchase. Overall the Shark Rocket is the best handheld vacuum with a reasonable suction power to remove all pet hair from smaller spaces or for quick jobs.


  • Easy to store
  • Good suction power
  • It comes with a lot of attachments.
  • The brush size is ideal for stairs.


  • Not as powerful as a full-size vacuum
  • The car detailing attachment doesn’t work well.
  • While vacuuming, the Hot air blows back at you.

Miele Classic C1 – Bagged Canister Vacuum


  • Special Feature: Dual Action, Pet Hair
  • Form Factor: Handheld
  • Filter Type: Active AirClean filter
  • Recommended Surface: Hard Floor, Carpet
  • Product Dimensions: 18.2″L x 8.7″W x 11″H
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Capacity: 4.46 Quarts
  • Components: Classic C1 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum, Electrobrush, Dusting Brush, Active AirClean Filter, Crevice tool, Upholstery Brush, Vario Clip, Telescopic Wand, Electric Hose
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Product Weight: 16.1 Pounds
  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty.

Why is it Best

The Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog is designed to clean your home specifically for pet owners. The SEB228 Electro+ Electro brush will clean all types of carpeting and extract pet hair from the carpets. The SBB Parquet Floor Brush is also included to clean all your hard floors, and the STB20 Mini Turbo Brush will help clean carpeted steps and furniture.

Select the suction power appropriate for your cleaning surface to use this vacuum. For example, if you are cleaning hard floors, use a lower suction power than if you are cleaning carpets. The vacuum also has a handheld turbo brush that removes pet hair from furniture. Finally, the Active Air Clean Filter will help to neutralize pet odors in your home.

Overall, the Miele Compact C1 Turbo vacuum cleaner has a good user experience. People like that it is helpful and convenient. Also, it can do different types of cleaning; the suction is adjustable and well-constructed. The setup is also simple. Some people wish the instruction booklet were more specific to this vacuum cleaner model, but overall, people like it.

However, it is the most expensive choice. But, at the same time, this Miele Turbo vacuum is equipped with all the necessary features making it the best pet vacuum among its rivals. Furthermore, it is the only product designed particularly for cat and dog hair and comes with the greatest components range.

In short, the Miele Compact C1 Turbo vacuum cleaner is a good option for people looking for a helpful and convenient way to clean their home from pet hair.


  • Helpful and convenient
  • Different types of cleaning
  • The suction is adjustable to 6 settings.
  • Well-constructed
  • Simple setup


  • Expensive
  • The instruction booklet could be more specific to this model.

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – Handheld Vacuum


  • Special Feature: Lightweight, Compact, Bagless
  • Form Factor: Handheld
  • Recommended Surface: Hard Floor, Stairs, Upholstery, Carpet
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Product Dimensions: 10″L x 5″W x 8″H
  • Dirt cup capacity: 0.78 liter
  • Components: Hard Nozzle, Contour Nozzle, Crevice Tool
  • Voltage: 16 Volts
  • Product Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year

Why is it Best

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum cleaner is designed to pick up pet hair from around the house. It comes with a stretchy rubber contour nozzle that eliminates dust and hair from furniture and stairs, plus a hard nozzle that cleans dry jumbles or the car’s interior.

The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, easy to grip, and has a fingertip-access on/off switch. In addition, it has a dirt container you should empty after each use to ensure the vacuum cleaner works well.

Some features of this vacuum cleaner include a filter screen, a frilled post-motor filter, and a power cord of 16 feet. You can easily store the cord by wrapping it around the vacuum. It also has a one-year limited warranty and is lightweight for easy transport.

Buyers like that the Pet Hair Eraser is lightweight, has strong suction power and can pick up a lot of hair with one pass. They also appreciate the cord length and that the vacuum worked well on other types of surfaces, like car seats and furniture.

However, they did not like that the vacuum was a little loud but noted that it was still tolerable. Some also found the rubber nozzle attachment difficult to use in tight spaces.

Although, the small dirt cup pushes it down on the list, but the extremely lightweight design and lowest power requirement make it stand stiff beside the competitors. Above all, the BISSELL Eraser is the cheapest pick of vacuum cleaners for your pet hair. And you don’t need to compromise much on the performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong suction power
  • Picks up a lot of hair with one pass
  • Long cord
  • Equally effective for furniture and other surfaces


  • Loud
  • The rubber nozzle attachment is not flexible.
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Shark IZ163H Pet Plus – Cordless Stick Vacuum


  • Special Feature: Self Cleaning Brushroll, Compact
  • Form Factor: Stick, Handheld
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Recommended Surface: Carpet & Hard Floors
  • Power Source: Battery Powered (Runtime: 40 minutes)
  • Product Dimensions: 10.24″L x 7.09″W x 46.1″H
  • Capacity: 0.34 Quartz
  • Components: Cordless Stick Vacuum, Pet Multi-Tool, Crevice Tool
  • Voltage: 21.6 Volts
  • Product Weight: 3.34 pounds
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Why is it Best

The Shark IZ163H Pet Plus Cordless is a handheld vacuum that is seamless for homes with pets. This vacuum has powerful suction and a self-cleaning brushroll to ensure your floors are always free of pet hair. In addition, the vacuum’s lightweight design of only 3.34 lbs and detachable vacuum make it easy to clean floors and ceilings without using cords.

While, the MultiFlex technology helps you reach under furniture and appliances. The XL dust cup is removable, so it is easy to clean. Moreover, the LED headlights help you see hidden debris around your home, the 5-year limited warranty ensures that the product is durable and dependable.

Some users loved the vacuum because it had a lot of features, including a HEPA filter, multiflex wand, and fins that didn’t wrap hair. However, others found the charging port difficult to access, and the buttons were constantly pressed by accident. Some users also wished that the vacuum had more battery life.

Compared with the other options, this model of Shark beats all with its lightest weight and HEPA Filter technology. Moreover, it offers great warranty claims for users and works with extremely low power. But for a larger suction capacity, you need to consider Miele or Hoover.

In short, if you need a reliable vacuum cleaner, then Shark Pet plus is a commendable choice. Moreover, HEPA is amazing in trapping maximum debris and allergens from all over your home.


  • Lots of features
  • HEPA filter
  • Multiflex wand
  • Fins that don’t wrap hair


  • The charging port is difficult to access
  • Battery life should be longer.

Hoover MAXLife – Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • Special Feature: Bagged
  • Form Factor: Upright
  • Recommended Surface: Carpet, Hard Floor
  • Product Dimensions: 13″L x 14″W x 44.5″H
  • Capacity: 5 Liters
  • Components: Brush, Crevice tool
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Wattage: 1440 watts
  • Product Weight: 17.1 pounds

Why is it Best

In last, the Hoover Pet Max Complete is designed to remove pet hair from any floor type. It has tools to help remove pet hair and dirt from furniture, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, the Allergen-block Technology captures 97% of pet dander, dust, and pollen particles to keep the air clean and free from allergens. The powerful cleaning on all floors delivers optimal results on carpets and hard floors. Above all, the XL dirt cup is a large, easy-to-empty dirt cup, which means you have to make fewer trips to the trash can. The Hoover Pet Max Complete also has the enhanced MAXLife System that gives you stronger suction so your vacuum cleaner will stay clean for longer without needing regular filter maintenance.

Finally, The Pet Turbo Tool, Crevice Tool, Flexible Dusting Brush & Pivoting Dusting Brush make it easier than ever to clean your pet’s messes.

Some people liked the suction power and size of the vacuum, while others found it difficult to move around and poorly designed. There were also complaints about the quality of the product, with some users saying that it broke down quickly.

Out of the 7 best-recommended vacuums, this Hoover Pet Max has the largest suction cup capacity. So it is more surprising that it will not take you out of the budget even though it is the most powerful on the list.

In conclusion, this vacuum cleaner is good for people with a lot of pets or a lot of floor space. However, moving the vacuum cleaner around may be difficult if you have stairs or a lot of furniture.


  • It sucks up a lot of dirt
  • Big bin
  • Easy to empty bin


  • The lock for the wand opens too easily.
  • It’s bulky and not easy to move around.
  • The small upholstery brush head doesn’t work well on fabric.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair

When choosing a vacuum for dog hair, you need to consider the type of vacuum, the suction power, the filter quality, and whether you want a bagged or bagless model.

Type of Vacuum

Generally, vacuums have two main types – upright vacuum and canister. Upright vacuums are more powerful than canister vacuums and are better at picking up pet hair. However, it can be tough to move around furniture. In contrast, canister vacuums are easier to maneuver but not as powerful.

Suction power

The suction power conveys the motor’s strength and is measured in amps. A higher amp rating means more suction power. For example, you will want a vacuum with at least 12 amps of suction power to vacuum dog hair.

Filter Quality

The filter keeps the hair, dirt, and germs from escaping into the air. A HEPA filter is the best type to look for as it can remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.

Brush Type

The brush is the most important feature of vacuum cleaner when chosen dog hair. It helps to loosen the dirt and hair from the floor so that the vacuum can pick it up. A rotating brush is the greatest for pulling out pet hair from carpets and rugs. On the other hand, a spinning brush can work great on hardwood floors, but it is not recommended for carpets.

Bagged or bagless

Bagged vacuums require you to buy replacement bags when they get full, while bagless vacuums have a container that you empty when it gets full. Bagless vacuums are generally easier to empty and don’t require purchasing replacement bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which is the best cordless vacuum for pet hair?

A: The best cordless vacuum for pet hair is the Shark IZ163H Pet Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum. It’s lightweight and powerful suction, making it perfect for small spaces or quick jobs. Keep in mind that it’s not as powerful as a full-size vacuum, but it’s still a great option for getting rid of pet hair.

Q: What is the best handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

A: The best handheld vacuum cleaner for pet hair is the Shark HV302 Rocket Pet Corded Stick Vacuum. This vacuum is lightweight and has powerful suction. It also has a crevice tool and dusting brush to help vacuum tight places and hard-to-reach areas.

Q: Can I get the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair under 150?

A: Yes, you can find a few good options for vacuum cleaners under $150. However, remember that you may not get all the features and attachments you would with a more expensive model. So if you’re looking for a powerful and versatile vacuum, it’s worth spending a bit more to get a higher-quality model.

Q: What is the best vacuum for dog hair on hardwood floors?

A: The best vacuum for dog hair on hardwood floors is the Shark Pet Plus Cordless stick vacuum Cleaner. With HEPA filter and long warranty it is the most reliable.

Q: Suggest the best vacuum cleaner for multi surfaces and pets.

A: The best vacuum for multi surfaces and pets is BISSELL 2998 MultiClean Pet Vacuum. To learn more about it, read the article.

Conclusion about Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dog Hair

If you have pets and are looking for a vacuum cleaner to help get rid of their hair, specially dog hair, this article is for you. After reading this guide, you can surely find the vacuum cleaner that best fits your budget and needs. On the basis of above guidelines, we have narrowed down over list to top three vacuum cleaner to slurp dog hair;

  1. BISSELL 2998 MultiClean – Allergen Lift-Off Pet Vacuum
  2. Miele Classic C1 – Bagged Canister Vacuum
  3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – Handheld Vacuum