How to Use a Hot Plate for Cooking?

How to Use a Hot Plate for Cooking

Suppose you are planning a trip with your family or friends, then why not make it adventurous with freshly cooked food? You discourage carrying a stove with heavy metal pans. Then grab a compact cooktop in the shape of an electric hot plate. It doesn’t look very easy to operate for new users; we have prepared this brief manual on how to use a hot plate for cooking.

Besides these induction plates being highly portable for camping, they are also safe and easy to use. It is ideal for a bachelor or a student to enjoy homemade food in the hostel room.

Moreover, this is the best option for those who are always on the go. Using these plates, you can reheat your food and may get hot water anywhere to enjoy a mug of coffee.

A balanced heat supply to the top is perfect for protecting your food and pan from being burnt. Even now market is rushed with double burner hot plates which let you cook two dishes simultaneously.

Thus, they are becoming the must-have kitchen appliance.

Although hot plates are both gas and electricity powered. But by the hot plate, people generally mean an electric hot plate. And even electrical hot plates are powerful enough to cook every dish.

Quick Guide for Cooking on a Hot plate

Electrical appliances always demand being cautious, and so the hot plates do. Thus, it would be best to first go through the instruction manual to learn the Dos and Don’ts. It is recommended to avoid any uncertain situation.

Before getting started

When you have planned what to cook today, put your hot plate stove out of the cabinet and place it on the kitchen top. Then clean its surface and the bottom of the pan you will cook in.

Always use a heat-resistant pan, where the metal pan is prohibited, to protect the cooking top.

Plugin the hot plate Switch to the Power Source

If oil is your dish’s first ingredient, pour it before putting the pan on the hot plate. Set the wattage and temperature according to the cooking desire.

For example, using this hot plate for boiling water requires a lower temperature than cooking a chicken.

Wait to power on the plate until you put the pan on it.

Add Ingredients

When your pan has reached the desired temperature, you should add the ingredients to your meal.

Cook your food until it is completely ready to eat. But remember to wear heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands from accidental touch burns.

Turn the Hot plate Off

When your dish is completely ready, and there is nothing else to cook or reheat on it, plug it out. Then, put it aside until it is perfectly cool.

When you feel it is now cool enough to touch, wipe the residues and splashes of your dish from the plate.

You can use the liquid dish wash and water to clean it properly. Please clean the fresh mess rather which got dry.

How to Clean a Hot plate after Cooking

When the hot plate is your routine cooking top, it must cook from breakfast to dinner. Then surely it is more exposed to all kinds of dirt.

If it is only dust from the whole night and you are preparing it for breakfast, then take a microfiber cloth to clean the surface.

 But if it is spilled oil or gravy splashes, you must wait until you finish cooking. Use a dish wash damped cloth to clean the stains and then rinse with water.

Remember, this is the cleaning tip for the fresh mess. But, if you have ignored this spillage till the next cooking session, then get ready to deal with the stubborn stains, grime, and grease.

To clean such dirt, you can use a safe scrapper for the material of your hot plate. Generally, hot plates come with a cleaning kit.

But, if you want to go for an easier remedy, then get a cookware cleaner. These cleaners deeply clean the different kitchen surfaces with the least effort of yours. Moreover, they also maintain the shine of the hot plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hot plate good for cooking?

It was the old concept that hot plates were good just for reheating. Later with technological advancements and people’s beliefs, these hot plate cooktops became good for a single serving.

But now the market is rushed with heavy-duty hot plates which are as useful as your conventional stove. And thus, you can use it for water-boiling beef steaks.

Are hot plates safe for cooking?

If you have carefully gone through the instruction manual and strictly followed the instructions, cooking is surely safe.

What can you cook on a hot plate?

It depends on the quality and wattage of the hot plate and what you can cook on it. There was a time when these hot plates were good only for reheating. They used to produce such a low heat that you could not even boil an egg on them.

But nowadays, an electrical hot plate is as powerful as a gas burner. And it can fulfill all your cooking needs.

Conclusion about Cooking on a Hot plate Stove

In short, where the hot plates are great for traveling, they are also in high demand for daily cooking. With all precautions, you can cook your food with the least mess. If there is any spillage, you can clean it more easily than from any other stove surface.

  • Be careful to put the pan first and then power the plate on
  • Don’t clean it while it is hot
  • Lastly, use protective gloves