Best Double Burner Hot Plate in 2023

The hot plate is a helpful on-the-go cooking gadget. But when you want one for regular cooking in your kitchen, it is time to buy a double-burner hot plate.

Any of these hot plates is more powerful than that with one burner. Therefore, it is perfect to handle breakfast pressure when everyone is in a hurry. Moreover, you can use it to make extra dishes during the guest visit.


For people buying their hot plate for the first time, it is better to be keen in selection. And also, they should have prior knowledge of the pros and cons and how to handle them. It is important to avoid getting the worst one.

So, scroll down and pick from the top seven choices. Also go through the buying guide, and product reviews with all their pros and cons. This text will surely help you find the best double-burner hot plate for cooking in the kitchen or while camping.

It is more beneficial if you go for purchasing such kind of household item in last quarter of the year to avail best Black Friday sales.

How do I Choose a Hot Plate with Two Burners? – Buyers Guide

Before we provide you the deep inside of all the best hot plates available in the market with double burner, it is better to learn what to look for to get the perfect one for your needs.

Temperature Control

If you are searching for a hot plate with a single or double burner, it should have an adjusting feature for the temperature. The reason is various dishes require different heat to cook perfectly.

You may also have to regulate the heat level at different stages of one dish. This ability prevent over or under-cooking.

Automatic Shut Off

The main reason hot plate is trending more is that it shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature. In this way, your food is safe from burning. But moreover, it powers on again to maintain the prescribed heat level.

So, if you want a cooking top that is more brilliant than your conventional gas cooker, choose the one with automatic shut-off ability.

Cord Length

When you are in the market to get your first or new hot plate, remember where you will place it and how far the power outlet is.

This analysis will help you find the right cord length. Avoiding any extension to supply power to any hot plate is better.

Safety Feature

While the hot plate is an amazing on-the-go cooking gadget, at the same time, it may be hazardous if mishandled.

So, choosing the one with the kid’s safety lock is best. Similarly, this feature prevents accidental touch and on.

Size of the Plates

Before buying a hot plate kind of stove, you must consider the level of cooking you will carry out with it.

Also, you have to consider the overall size of the stove accordingly; if you want to use it in the kitchen or to keep it for traveling only.

By keeping all the above points in mind before making a purchase, you can have an electric stove that perfectly meets your requirements.

Moreover, you can click the link and learn how to cook using a hot plate.

7 Suggestions for Best Double Burner Hot Plate

Keeping in view the above key points, we have found the following items as best cooktops with two burners.

  1. Techwood ES-3203 Hot Plate Double Burner
  2. Cusimax Double Burner Portable Hot Plate
  3. Vayepro Electric Double Burner Stove
  4. GIVENEU Hot Plate with Double Burner
  5. Ovente Electric Dual Burner
  6. Rosewill Dual Induction Cooktop Burner
  7. Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Double Cooktop

Features Comparison at a Glance

FeaturesTechwood ES-3203Cusimax VayeproGIVENEUOvente BGS102BRosewill RHDI-21001Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF
MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelCeramic GlassCast Iron
Dimensions4.4″D x 16″W x 12″H4.3″D x 22.5″W x 10.5″H10″D x 19″W x 3.3″H10.24″D x 18.7″W x 2.95″H9″D x 18″W x 3.25″H0.08″D x 11.81″W x 11.22″H9″D x 16.5″W x 3″H
Weight7.5 Lbs8.3 Lbs8.93 Lbs8.97 Lbs7.5 Lbs11.09 Lbs5.41 Lbs
Wattage2500 W1800 W1800 W1800 W1700 W1800 W1500 W
Control TypeKnobKnobKnobKnobKnobTouchKnob

Techwood ES-3203 Hot Plate Double Burner

(Best Overall)


If you plan to replace your gas stove with an electric burner, Techwood ES-3203 is the look-no-where option. Moreover, it makes your recipes easier and faster with 2500watts of output.

You can enjoy as many recipes as you can with your conventional stove. But definitely, this beautiful double plate cooker adds grace to your kitchen counter.

More interestingly, you can remove any proof of cooking from its stain-free body using a damp cloth. But beware of cleaning it when it is all cold.

Also, it is safe for use with minimum heat loss, and you can cook in any pan, whether aluminum, copper or cast iron. The compact size makes it ideal for daily use or camping.

The most wonderful feature is the timer you can set for your dishes. So this automatic shut-off prevents your meal from burning.

In short, this two-burner plate of Techwood is the most powerful, still lightweight among the competitors. Even the price tag encourages you to get it without any second thought.

What Buyers Liked

  • Available at great discount price on Cyber Monday Deals
  • I kept it on my dining and enjoyed a warm meal.
  • It cooks almost the same as my gas stove does.
  • It works great for all recipes.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The feet of the burner are screwed, they often lose up, and the burner shakes while cooking.
  • I found uneven heating, which is denser in the center and gets lower toward the edges of the plate.

Cusimax Double Burner Portable Hot Plate

(Runner Up)


With a durable stainless steel body, the Cusimax double burner is safe for a feast on the go. On the cast iron hot disk, you cook in a pan of diameter from 6.1″ to 7.4″.

And in such an affordable range, it is worth grabbing due to compatibility with all material pans. It is surely one of the best Cyber Monday Deals.

This electric cooker allows fast cooking from a fried egg to beef steaks, adjustable from 392◦F to 1162◦F with a controller knob. Moreover, it stays hot for about 20 minutes even if you have powered it off. In this way, you can use it to keep your meal warm.

The non-slip rubber toes let it stay firmly on any countertop, so you can stir while watching the recipe. Along with the versatility and convenient usage, it is almost a breeze to clean spills.

Lastly, to assure the product’s reliability, the manufacturer offers 30 days of return and 18 months of replacement in case of any fault.

What Buyers Liked

  • It takes too low a voltage that I can use it on my small generator.
  • It heats up quickly that I don’t bother my microwave to heat water for instant coffee.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • Temperature marking around the knob faded too early.
  • The whole stove gets hot when the plates reach their maximum temperature. But it is ignorable as we rarely cook at the highest temperature.

Vayepro Electric Double Burner Stove

(Best Reliable)


Get this Vayepro as an additional electric stove for your busy kitchen, which saves 30% more electricity than induction cookers. Moreover, it is one of the most recommended products by users in the days of load shedding.

You can wipe out the cast iron plates confidently with a wet towel, which are corrosion free and thus durable.

 However you can use any cookware material, but it should be limited to a diameter of 7.1″ or less. Also, the flat bottom is necessary to get even cooking.

It stays on any surface to provide you safe cooking experience. Also, the automatic shut-off maintains the required temperature.

Since it consumes a little space, so is good for your office or the hostel room.

In short, with this Vayepro double burner plate, you can cook fried rice and Manchurian side by side. Moreover, it keeps your feast warm until you finish eating.

What Buyers Liked

  • It is as good as a hot plate could be.
  • It does have limitations, but I found it easy to use and clean.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • It takes more time than a traditional gas burner.
  • The cord length is a bit short.

GIVENEU Hot Plate with Double Burner

(Best Affordable)


Giveneu is a reliable electric double plate to let you cook quickly before or after the office. With the combined power of 1800 Watts and various temperature settings, it heats frozen food and cooks pasta in less time.

Moreover, it prevents overheating and has a firm grip on the kitchen counter surface. The cast iron hot plates are compatible with all pan materials, and their durable, strong body bears the weight of heavy pans.

Good to cook in ceramic, glass, or metallic pots, but you have to be conscious about the pan’s diameter, which should not be more than 5.9″ on the smaller plate and 7.1″ on the larger plate.

It gives you freshly cooked food on the go, or you can use it to reheat burgers and sandwiches.

The manufacturer offers 30 days of return and a 2-years replacement warranty. So you can try it whether it fulfills your cooking need or not.

What Buyers Liked

  • It is a user-friendly stove.
  • I loved its grip on my kitchen top, and it is perfect in size for my small place.
  • Extremely lightweight but still strong

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • The LED temperature indicator needs to be more bright.
  • I expected a longer power cord.

Ovente Electric Dual Burner

(Best Infrared Plate)


Another compact electric burner to meet some emergencies like a guest visiting on sudden gas shutdown is Ovente BGS102B. Moreover, they won’t have to wait for long because it cooks two dishes side by side on fast-heated double plates.

It is amazingly helpful to look at warm water and cooked pasta at a preset temperature. Also, the automatic shut-off throws your food-burning worries away.

While you can cook in any pan on a corrosion-free cast iron plate, size limits from 6.10″ to 7.25″. The stainless steel ensures a dent-free body that you can only clean with a damp cloth. Also, there is no need to use an abrasive cleaner to scrub food spills.

The best about it is taking a break from overheating and restarting to maintain the desired temperature. This feature works to distribute evenly and keep the temperature constant while cooking.

What Buyers Liked

  • Durable stainless steel structure which is dent free, and you can use a heavy pan also.
  • It reaches the prescribed temperature faster than that at my mother’s home.
  • It is a good cooking partner with a reasonable price tag.
  • I no longer worry about the food drippings because cleaning them is a breeze.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • You cannot use it as your main stove but as an additional one because it takes time to heat up.
  • Not efficient for cooking time taking food but a good hot plate for boiling water

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Rosewill Dual Induction Cooktop Burner

(Best for Safety)


This touch-control double burner is a sleek replacement to your tough gas stoves with ten preset power levels. Each of the two burners has a separate controller.

It is great to carry all cooking levels, requiring temperatures from 140◦F to 464◦F. Moreover, it is a graceful induction burner that you can place on the dining table and enjoy a warm meal throughout partying.

Plus, the induction technology consumes less power and provides uniform temperature along the plate.

Additionally, the LED displays the digit to the best readable brightness, which other brands fail to do.

However, it should be lighter because ceramic glass plates are heavier than cast iron.

Despite its plus and minuses, it is the safest with a child lock, preventing power on with accidental touch.

What Buyers Liked

  • It is great for routine cooking rather as an additional for guest servings.
  • I have made almost every dish on it, and it cooked them perfectly.
  • It is an appealing addition to my kitchen top, and I often put it on my dining to enjoy hot soups.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • It could have more power settings
  • It powers on with 1200Watts which burns the pan within 10 seconds. It should be set at low by default.
  • Expected a wider cooking plate
  • The added pan is good for nothing and burnt in the first cooking.

Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF Double Burner Stove

(Best Lightweight)


The lightest in weight and with the greatest portability among the rivals, this Elite Gourmet is an ideal cooking partner for camping, business tours, or your hostel room.

The non-skid feet allow fast stirring while keeping it fixed on the kitchen countertop. Moreover, it is easy to clean food drippings.

But you have to be careful and avoid abrasive cleaners and sponges that may scratch out the body. And thus, the dirt will stay firmly, and you will have to work hard to clean it.

Moreover, like all other double plates, it has an LED indicator to inform you when the stove is on. Also, it upholds the desired heat level prescribed with the knob.

Besides its compactness and versatility, it is the least powerful among its rivals. However, it is good as an additional cooker for those who have budget limitations.

And with the start of winters, the best time starts to get such items through Cyber Monday Deals.

What Buyers Liked

  • It is beautiful and also works best at such a low price.
  • Heat is even all over the plate
  • It is the perfect backup cooking tool.

What Buyers didn’t Like

  • It is more challenging to clean than my previous one.
  • Good for cooking soups or boiling eggs, but not for bigger jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most energy-efficient hot plate?

Rosewill RHDI-21001 is the most energy-efficient double burner electric stove. It uses induction technology to heat the plates, which requires less power.

Which is the best hot plate for boiling water to make tea and coffee?

If you have carefully reviewed the above picks, you will find that all of the above are good for boiling water.

But if your purpose is to get the one for small jobs, then Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF is perfect with the lowest price.

What is the difference between a hot plate and a burner?

A hot plate is simply the stove top on which we place our pan for cooking. On the other hand, the burner is the coil or any outlet which provides heat to this plate.


Although we enlisted seven of the highest-rated double burner plates, if we have to pick only one, it is Techwood ES-3203.

It is the best value for the money with the greatest power than the competitors. Moreover, it can fulfill all your heating and cooking needs with adjustable temperatures.

Lastly, with its lightweight, you can take it out of your kitchen any time.