Emsco Bigfoot 1280 Orange Snow Shovel Review

Emsco Bigfoot 1280 orange Snow Shovel

Beginners can easily notice the features and components in the standard Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel. This winter tool easily removes large chunks of snow from roads and decks in freezing storms. Also, it helps optimum living style of people around that region.

This snow shovel’s blades are created to work amazingly well on flat surfaces. In addition to removing snow from the pathways, the bigfoot 1280 orange shovel rolls it in the form of snow plows.

Moreover, the curves in the blade are helpful in rolling snow. Also, it moves quickly to the sides of the road with ease. 

The efficient and recommended method for this snow shovel is mounding the front into the snow and then applying pressure downwards.

The company’s engineers have analyzed old models and introduced more efficient and futuristic products to the market.

For example, they have a gripping handle in the middle of the shovel, which increases applied pressure on snow. Simultaneously, it enhances the stability. In addition, the combination of blade curves and grip at the center decreases efforts and delivers more in a shorter period. 

Most snow shovels are made up of metals and wood. In result, this construction weakens with time and extremely low temperatures.

So, the Emsco orange snow shovel for Seniors is manufactured with dense poly-ethylene. Eventually, it is a great replacement for traditional metallic shovels used in the past.

While, Polyethylene increases the durability and strength of the snow shovel altogether under highly cold climates. This 20″ bigfoot orange shovel is impressively lightweight, and its less conductive nature avoids sticking on snow.


  • Wide blade with curves
  • Lightweight and poly-ethylene based 
  • Non-conventional and central gripping handle


  • Breaks if a lot of unnecessary force is applied

Key Features of Emsco Bigfoot 1280 Orange Snow Shovel

There are dozens of features in this snow shovel that are visibly present in all Emsco Bigfoot. A person may have to spend hours reading several reviews and blogs about informative descriptions and the benefits and drawbacks of this product.

But, we have saved your precious time and efforts by collecting all the required and helpful data. Now, just scroll down for better understanding of this tool, and eventually, you will be able to decide if this is the best product for you or not. 

Following are the important features of this Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel.

Combination Snow Shovel:

There are three basic types of snow shovels;

  • Traditional
  • Push
  • Combination

The combination snow shovels are relatively newer, more innovative, and considered most beneficial in shoveling snow.

Fortunately, the Emsco Bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel is a combination type. Hence, it can slice, roll and remove the snow from roads and decks easily. Similarly, it is helpful and revolutionary for the snow truck residents of cold regions. 

Coverage Area and Blade Size:

Another important consideration is the size of the blade featured in them. This size determines the workload and time consumption, a snow shovel can utilize with limited resources.

Most snow shovel blades are twelve to thirty inches wide. The Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel has a blade of approximately twenty-five inches, making it larger in size and area coverage.

Generally, the larger blades can separate greater chunks of ice and snow from pathways, decreasing the work timespan.

Constructive Blade Design of Blade:

Most large blade snow shovels significantly lack innovative style and build-quality. Generally, there are two blade designs; either a blade is flat, curved, and scooped. Experts suggest that the second design of snow shovels is better at separating, rolling, and removing snow from the ground. For example, the Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel features a broad blade with curves on ends to provide the same effect in the snow fields. 

Composite Material of Blade:

Most companies use metals or lightweight plastic to produce snow shovel blades. Although, manufacturers have used iron and alloys of different metals for centuries. But, they are more affected by low temperatures over a longer time.

High-grade plastics are recently the main source in the composition of blades of snow shovels. The Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel for wood deck features high-grade polyethylene in the blades to enhance durability in extreme temperatures. 

Positioning of Gripping Handle:

The positioning and construction of a snow shovel also determine its strength and stability with time. For example, most snow shovels have handles at the upper top as it was standardized in traditional manufacturing methods.

While some newer models like Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel, have a gripping handle at the middle of the holding stick. This style increases comfort and applied force on snow, according to some experts.

But, this middle gripping handle is more useful in rolling snow than separating it as it requires more force. 

Outlook and Price:

It’s a general concept that the actual price of a product is a combination of presentation, marketing, and features. Most of the snow shovels are simple in style and resemble traditional designs.

On the other hand, the Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel is very receptive to viewers even on first sight. The Bright color grading and orange base provide individuality to the model. It’s priced impressively rational compared to the featured benefits it provides to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bigfoot snow shovel warranty?

The Emsco generally offers Life Time Warranty for its snow shovels; the same is for the Bigfoot 1280.

Is this plastic shovel right for snow shoveling?

Many experts prefer a plastic shovel over one made with metal. The reason is metal undergoes corrosion which reduces the life of a shovel.

That is why polyethylene is added as the major ingredient of the shovel’s blade.


If we briefly describe the Emsco bigfoot 1280 orange snow shovel, it is a combination type that collects 25″ wide snow cake and roles it. Moreover, it has a durable polyethylene curved blade, which the experts recommend.
With a wooden D-Grip handle and enhanced applied force, this orange snow shovel still has a low price tag than its direct competitors.