How to Fix a Vacuum that won’t Turn On – Vacuuming Guide 2023

How to Fix a Vacuum

Homemakers are under continuous challenges of housekeeping; from what to cook for dinner to how to fix a vacuum cleaner that won’t turn on.

It is frustrating when you finally plan to vacuum your home, and the cleaner refuses to work. Or, the suction head stops slurping any debris.

The next, you start stressing about a repair expense, or you may have to spend much higher on the new one. But if your vacuum cleaner either has stopped working or has yet even started, this might be due to small reasons you normally overlook.

This Fix-it guide will assist you in identifying the reason and side by side in how to resolve it. However, the solutions depend on the status of your vacuum. Whether it is unpacked and not turning on, stopped working on the first day of the job, or you have been using it for days or years, it started troubling.

How to Fix a New Vacuum that Won’t Turn on

If you have decided to vacuum your home rather than mope, it said No to start when you unpacked and plugged it in. Then you need to check some basic points.

The Vacuum Switch is Improperly Fixed.

Check that you fixed vacuum switch properly into the power plug. If not, then fix it until properly settled.

The plug has the Power Supply.

If your vacuum switch is properly fixed into the plug, then confirm the outlet is supplied with electricity. There may be a chance that the plug is damaged or burnt. In this case, either repair the power plug or look forward to the other supply in the same area if you have a short time.

When you find no other option, arrange for an extension to get power from any other room.

Damaged Power Button

Check the power on/off buttons of your vacuum cleaner. It may be why you didn’t press or slide the button completely. If this was the issue, then be thankful; otherwise, take it back to the seller and claim a free-of-cost repair.

We recommend to go for the product exchange because it has lost its reliability.

Ruptured Cord

Similarly, moving towards the cord on finding no issue with the button. Again it would be best if you rushed to the seller after discovering any damage; otherwise, it is time to confirm the last possibility.

Jamming in Floor head

Check the cleaning head; it may happen that the brush rolls are jamming in, and the result causes trouble with the vacuum power on.

Be happy if unjamming lets your vacuum work. Or you have the solution otherwise.

When you are sure that none of the above issues exists, it is obvious to get another vacuum replacement.

How to Fix a Vacuum that Stopped Working While Cleaning

When it has been days or months with your vacuum cleaner, and suddenly it stops gulping, observe the following points.

If the motor is still sounding, check the cleaning head where there is a big chance of blockage. It is also possible that tangled hair stopped the brush rolls.

If the motor also stops working, there are 50-50 chances of small and big issues. The no-worries issues are;

  1. The switch was accidentally removed from the power plug, then put back.
  2. If the dirtbag is full, dump it and fix it back.
  3. The power button is accidentally touched because, generally, they are located on the handle.
  4. If the vacuum is overheated, then give it a break of ten minutes.
  5. Find out if there is any blockage in the cleaning head or hose. Clean the floor head with a brush or pointed tool and the hose with the rod, but carefully.

If none of the above is the reason for this sudden shutdown, prepare for the time wastage or repair expense.

  1. If the power plug or vacuum switch is burnt, replace either.
  2. The whole cord is burnt; the solution is the same as above.
  3. And the biggest issue is motor burning, which is out of your control. Ultimately you have to consult a technician about repairing your vacuum. On the other hand, if your vacuum luckily comes under warranty, then take a sigh of relief and claim it.

When you are unable to know the issue, you have the only solution to claim a warranty or spend money to repair it.

Vacuuming Tips – How to Take Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum is the most demanded cleaning partner all over the world. Thus it needs proper care to get the maximum of it.

Read out the User Manual First

The manufacturers are conscious about satisfying their customers, and they assist them with a user manual. Then it is best to read that before you start using your new vacuum.

The sudden shutdown is a general problem with almost all electrical appliances and so with a vacuum. Go through the manual carefully and get the solution to many of your problems.

There is the highest possibility that your vacuum stopped working due to overheating. Many vacuums automatically shut down when they heat up to a certain level.

The vacuum may stop because the cup or the bag has no more capacity for the debris. And it starts again as soon as you empty the bag. However, the latest models have an indicator light that tells the bag is full. Even in some vacuum cleaners, the dirt cup is transparent, and you can see its full level.

Clean the Vacuum Parts after Using it

Now when you have finished vacuuming, it is time to clean every accessible part before putting it aside.

  • Empty the dust bag
  • Remove every tangling and lint from the cleaning heads that did not pass through the hose.
  • If the filters are washable, wash them if required, so they are fully dry before the next use.
  • If your vacuum is a blower, turn on the blower without any head so that the hose removes any blockage. Otherwise, remove the hose and clean it.

Timely Service by a Technician

After a certain time, every electrical machine requires a complete checkup by a technician so that all its parts work properly and you can know the prospective issues in time.

Moreover, if you give it timely service, then it will not only perform better but will also stay longer with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my cordless vacuum won’t turn on?

Your cordless may undergo the same reasons and issues as we mentioned above. But in the case of a cordless vacuum, you may also have to confirm the charging. So first, check that your cordless has full charging; plug it into the power supply.

Is it worth repairing a vacuum cleaner?

It depends on how much you spend on buying it and the level of the problem. If the issue is so small that you can fix it with some guidelines, we discourage it from taking it to the vacuum doctor.

On the contrary, if the issue is too big that the repair needs more than half the purchase price, then preferably get the new one.

What is the average life of a vacuum cleaner?

If you take proper care of your vacuum, then it may last for about ten years. However, that life estimation is generally for the corded canister vacuums or uprights.

But if you have a cordless, it normally dies within three years.

Further, it depends on the quality of the product also.


However, it is upsetting when your vacuum suddenly stops working or is not turning on. But that might happen due to small issues, which you can fix by emptying the dust bag, re-plugging the vacuum switch, clearing the blockage, or replacing the damaged cord.

Moreover, companies offered help through their manuals and 24/7 customer service.

So, fixing a vacuum cleaner that is not turning on is not a big deal, but it is best to take care of it to avoid such situations.