Miele vs Riccar Vacuum Cleaner – Which is Best for Pet Hair

Miele vs Riccar Vacuum Cleaner

There is an acute need for a comprehensive text like Miele vs. Riccar vacuum cleaner. The reason is, they are the two most renowned canister vacuums are Miele and Riccar, and both manufacture a range of canisters.

Now, it is obvious to go through a challenging decision-making when encountering various models and sub-models.

Both canister vacuum leaders focus on manufacturing robust vacuum cleaners which give their users a long-time companionship for cleaning all floors and surfaces.

Moreover, adding versatility, they come with multiple attachment tools and accessories to give a satisfying cleaning experience.

On scrolling down, you will find that we narrowed our research to just a canister vacuum comparison.

The first reason is that we found this form factor most reliable and popular among homemakers. Secondly, two of the manufacturers offer different forms of vacuums except for canisters.

Miele Canister Vacuum

Miele has a great range of canister vacuum cleaners which are hard to choose the best one and further to be compared with the Riccar model.

Among the Miele vacuum cleaners, the Powerline is their canister form. And further, going down to the models, the Complete C3s have the highest cleaning performance with HEPA complete sealed technology.

Moreover, they can clean up to 36 feet away from the power plug without changing the dust bag, which can trap up to 4.5 Liters of debris.

Further, you can set suction power for six levels with a +/-footswitch and get maximum cleaning with several tools and attachments.

The only reason you may have to give a second thought is their weight, which is around 23lbs, making them less maneuverable. Further, carrying them upstairs to clean the upper floors would be difficult.

Riccar Canister Vacuum

The Riccar vacuum cleaners’ canister range is exclusively called Riccar Prima. This range includes three models with almost the same features and color; Prima Power with two sub-models and Prima Straight Suction with one sub-model.

But there is always a little variation that causes a big difference in performance, and hence the decision is too.

Along with the same color, these vacuums are exceptionally powerful at 1200 watts with sealed HEPA filtration technology; that traps 99.97% dust and particles of 0.3 microns and above.

But on the negative side, Riccars have only 2 liters of dirt bag capacity, which is insufficient for one day or whole house cleaning.

Furthermore, with wide area coverage of about 35 feet, you can clean without re-plugging. At the same time, weighing only 12lbs, these products are easily portable and less tiring to drag around the apartment.

Moreover, these canisters have a power knob and a wand for efficient suction from all floors for above-the-floor cleaning.

The only difference in Riccar canisters lies in their price range, ranging from $600 to around $1100, manufacturer warranty, and suction technology. The Prima Power team has Tandem Air and full-size nozzle, whereas the Straight suction slurps through the Turbo nozzle.

Miele vs Riccar Vacuum Cleaner – Canister Vacuums Comparison

On looking at the features and functionality, Riccar and Miele canisters pull out dirt with the same power and keep them trapped in a sealed filter.

Furthermore, you can adjust the suction according to the surface and size of particles. But you can set Miele for six preset levels, whereas with Riccar’s, you can increase the suction power gradually.

Moreover, they are manufactured with durable stainless steel and are efficient for all surfaces. Similarly, Riccars comes with crevice, upholstery tools, and bare floor and dusting brushes like Miele vacuums.

Riccar lags mainly because of the small dirt bag and shorter cleaning reach. On the other hand, Mieles are found to be heavier than all of the Riccar canister forms, and their manufacturer offers only three years warranty.

Miele vs Riccar Vacuum Cleaner – Top Models Comparison

Now, further undergoing the deep Miele vacuum reviews and Riccar canister vacuum reviews, we picked one from each that is quite similar in power line and almost the same in price.

Moreover, the biggest crown to both of these models is being outstanding vacuums for stubborn pet hair.

  1. Complete C3 Cat and Dog Powerline
  2. Prima Power Team Tandem Air Nozzle

Complete C3 Cat & Dog vs. Prima Power Team Tandem Air Nozzle

FeaturesMiele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerlineRiccar Power Team Tandem Air Nozzle
Suction Power1200 Watts1200 Watts
Suction Power Settings6 LevelsPower Slide Button
Cord Length24ft28 feet
Total Reach36ft34.5
FiltrationActive Air Clean FilterHEPA Filtration
Dirt Bag Capacity4.5 Liters2 Liters
Floor HeadsParquet Twister Floorhead SBB 300-3,Handheld Mini Turbo Brush STB 101,Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228  Deluxe Dusting Brush, Handheld Dusting Brush
Included AttachmentsUpholstery nozzle, Crevice nozzle, Floor and dusting BrushUpholstery Tool, Crevice Nozzle, Pet Tool, Bare Floor tool, Dusting Brush
Warranty3 Years5 Years

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

As the name describes, this model by Miele is a complete package as a cleaning partner. In other words, it features all those qualities a perfect cleaner must have to satisfy the users at the highest. Moreover, with the comfortable and strong handle grip, you can vacuum for several minutes.

Also the C3 Cat & Dog is a robust cleaner with the turbo brush to pull out furs and hair from hardwood floors, sofas, rugs, and high-pile carpets. And you will surely be amazed to see the results around the furniture legs and under the low-bottom sofas where it is hard to clean.

Where 23lbs of weight make it heavier than the Riccar, at the same time, the larger dirt bag and wider cleaning circle make it superior. Similarly, the Parquet twister and Electro Brush leave the surface as clean as it was new.

Although it has a shorter warranty than Riccar, three years are enough to certify a product as “Reliable.”


  • It is quick cleaning with wider cleaning heads.
  • Not too much noise to disturb the sleeping babies and pets.


Prima Power Team Tandem Air Nozzle

Indeed, this model by Riccar is a true power team that works outstanding for homes with lots of pet hair. Since it is a lightweight cleaner, so you can clean your entire home without backache after.

Additionally, the Tandem Air Technology makes it superior to its rivals, where two horsepower motors brilliantly catch the dust and rubbish. And also, the seven layers of HEPA filtration make the environment allergen-free.

Moreover, like Mieles, you can clean hard-to-reach spaces with minimum effort. Besides that, the headlight enlightens every spot and results in better cleaning.

Where the long hose lets you clean above the floor area, at the same time, the crevice nozzle leaves no dirt on wall edging and room corners. Further, with the upholstery tool, you can clean your sofas, couches, and mattress every second day.

Above all, your rugs are always new if cleaned with the Delux Dusting Brush of Riccar.


  • Amazing Warranty
  • LED headlights make vacuuming easy in dark places, like under the furniture inside the car.
  • Lightweight to clean stairs


  • Fewer options for attachments
  • Small dirt bag, have to clean during work

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Miele vacuums the best?

After deep research on customer satisfaction regarding vacuum cleaners, the Miele vacuums were found top rated. Also, most users recommended Miele to others, especially from the Complete C3 range.

The main reason they told is the durability and well responsive customer service.

What are the top 5 vacuum cleaners?

The most popular on several sites that practically test the product and issue their reviews are;

  1. Miele C3 Brilliant Powerline
  2. Miele C3 Cat & Dog Powerline
  3. Miele C3 Alize Powerline
  4. Dyson Ball Multi-floor
  5. Bissell Smart Clean

Are Riccar vacuums made in China?

No, Riccars are made in the USA and sold only in their physical and online stores. Although Riccar vacuums are not available on amazon but you can purchase accessories there.

Miele vs Riccar Vacuum Cleaner – Which is best for pet hair?

When you get more versatility in the same price range, it is easy to choose the one.

In conclusion, with a larger dirt bag, greater operating area, and more floor heads, the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is the ultimate choice. Moreover, the amazon reviews and the Miele vacuum range satisfied more people than Riccar.