Ovente BGS102B Electric Double Hot Plate Stove Review

Ovente Electric Double Burner Hot Plate Stove

Few hot plates and portable stoves are competitive with the Ovente BGS102B electric double hot plate stove in the marketplace these days. If you love camping with friends, this is the best hot plate for cooking on the go. You can boil water, cook or reheat already cooked food in areas where traditional stoves and kitchens are not available.

It is very portable and compact for travelers and explorers and durable simultaneously. User satisfaction is also on point, all thanks to the genuine effort by the producers of this stove. In comparison, customer service is maintained by one year warranty to the buyers.

This Ovente BGS102B electric double hot plate stove heats up quickly in a few seconds. Two hot plates on the stove measure 6.1 inches and 7.5 inches, respectively. The iron-plated stove charges these hot plates with one hundred twenty volts. The electric double stove is durable and reliable because the hot plates are manufactured using stainless steel. This enhances the conduction of heat to the containers above the hot plate stoves, which is ultimately more time effective and costs less effort in extreme and remote conditions of camping and expeditions. 

The most helpful and innovative feature that separates the Ovente BGS102B electric double hot plate stove from traditional electric stoves is the light indicator on it. This light indicator lights up until the hot plates reach the standard temperature to boil water or heat the meal. Users can easily multitask while it’s heating, which helps maintain the right temperature and safety precautions. It’s also very easy to clean these hot plates in traveling and non-convenient places. You must use a humid cloth or wipes on non-electrical regions and dry it immediately.

You can also learn more that how to use a hot plate for cooking.


  • Light indicator for optimum temperatures 
  • Stainless and durable hot plates 
  • The quick heating time of the double stove


  • More time and effort-consuming cleaning 

Important Features in the Ovente BGS102B Electric Double Hot Plate Stove:

The Ovente BGS102B electric double hot plate stove has several benefits and advantages. But, like every product, there are a few limitations too. You don’t have to discuss with many market experts and visit stores several times. All you have to do is sit back, have your snacks and read this article as we have done the hard work for our beloved readers. Read and understand these essential factors of this double stove carefully so that you can come to a reasonable decision. 

Following are the important characters and features of the Ovente BGS102B electric double hot plate stove:

Temperature Adjustment:

You can get your water or meal less heated or burnt if the temperature is not maintained. Any sort of temperature indication is really helpful in such scenarios. Any sudden rise in the temperature can cause unseen accidents, which might lead to medical complications. The Ovente BGS102B features a light indication to present the optimum temperature for boiling water to heat food. It stops lighting up once the stove reaches the boiling point. 


Most people have partially or permanently fixed stoves in the kitchens. Yet the hot plate stoves are different from regular stoves as they should be more compact and portable to carry while traveling. Usually, these hot stoves are more lightweight and small in size to reduce the stress of carrying essentials in traveling. This double plate stove is made to understand this factor; hence, it is very portable and easy to carry while exploring various camping sites. 

Heating Ability:

Enhanced heating saves energy and time while providing increased power output to the heating plates. So, it would be best to consider the hot plate stove’s heating ability and power output. The power output is directly proportional to the heating ability of the hot plate stove, and it’s usually measured in watts per volt. For example, the Ovente BGS102B electric double hot plate stove uses 120 volts to produce a power output of around 1100 watts. It is quite impressive considering the price and dimensions of the product. 

Size of Heat Plates:

Usually, the smaller heat plates or burners of the stove provide uneven conduction of heat and consume more time and energy while boiling or heating the substance. On the other hand, larger sizes and increased quantity of hot plates ensure the precise flow of heat and efficient power output. Fortunately, for the Ovente BGS102B electric double hot plate stove users, there are two significantly large heat plates for you to boil water and heat food simultaneously. The diameters of both heat plates are 7.5 inches and 6.1 inches which are very admirable to frequent campers and analytical experts. 

Conduction and Efficiency of Stove:

There are a lot of factors to discuss, but then the article will appear more boring and theoretical rather than interesting and relative. Still, we will discuss the conductance of heat and power efficiency of the Ovente BGS102B electric stove. Unlike most cheap yet non-useful stoves, this double plate stove provides great power output. Furthermore, heat conduction to the dimensions of the container placed upon the hot plates is also worth mentioning. It converges the differences between household and camping stoves and provides a homely experience even in different and remote regions. 


It is quite evident that the Ovente BGS102B electric double is the best hot plate stove present in the marketplace for kitchens and households. We have collected all of the related information and notable features and mentioned them in a more readable way for ease for readers. This brief yet informative article is specially written to rationalize your perspective and enhance your general knowledge about portable hot stoves. Still consult marketplace and household experts for more detailed guidance in this regard. Thanks for reading.

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