Stick Vs Upright Vacuum – Which Performs Better?

Why is there a need for Stick vs. Upright vacuum discussion?

Indeed your home cleanliness has become more tiring in this busy age accompanied by a polluted environment. And this is the time to best outsource this job to a suction cleaner that will also make your home environment healthy.

Stick Vs Upright Vacuum

Depending on your family and home size, lifestyle, surface variety, and, most obviously, budget capacity, you have to make a tough decision. But if you are more conscious about getting a lightweight with great cleaning efficiency, go for a stick or upright. The canister vacuums are heavy, and handhelds are poor at vacuuming.

Before we start this stick vs. upright debate of vacuum cleaners, it is obvious that both have different features and functionality. However, a low-price vacuum cleaner could not deliver impressive cleaning performance.

Even though the best vacuum cleaner on earth may not be best for you because you have different requirements or your purpose of the use is different. So, it is better to choose the one that fits your needs.

For example, if you have a big house, then an upright is better with a replaceable larger dirt bag. So that you don’t need to empty it while doing a single job, but at the same time, dragging a heavy-duty vacuum will cause more fatigue.

In contrast, a stick vacuum is lighter and maneuverable to two floored houses, but the small dirt cup will frustrate you.

Well, whether you are going to purchase your first vacuum or it is the second third, the decision is always challenging. Therefore we keep uploading guides for our visitors, so does the stick vs. upright vacuum perform better?

What is a Stick Vacuum?

A Stick vacuum is a lightweight and compact style of the vacuum cleaner. These vacuums take up really small space than other traditional vacuums.

They generally do not have separate bags, tools, or attachments. At the same time, the motor and dirt cup is installed on one end of the stick, where the handle is. On the other tip, the cleaning head has a suction tube.

Because of this compactness and high maneuverability, these vacs are popular among most homemakers. And, of course, what is better than a user-friendly tool, and that is a stick vacuum?

Chiefly, these vacuuming sticks are designed cordless to eliminate the tension of power availability or the hassle of tangling wires. So, they are operated with a rechargeable battery. Also, you can carry them on the go for cleaning long drive munching messes.


  • In the first place, they are convertible to a handheld vacuum.
  • Light in weight, so get your curtains, book racks, and stairs cleaned without getting tired.
  • Good for unplanned and frequent cleaning
  • Adjustable height and easy to use
  • Easy to store even behind any door or under the low bottom couches
  • Easy to empty dust bin, normally with a press of a button
  • If cordless, you can use it where there is no power plug; it is a recommended vacuum cleaner for car.


  • Motors are less powerful as compared to the upright.
  • Not recommended for houses that have more covered area than a bare floor because sticks do not efficiently clean the carpets
  • Concerning motor size, they are a bit noisy.
  • If they are bagless, you must frequently dump the pulled-out dust.
  • Short hose length reduces its reach under the beds and sofas.
  • Fewer options for attachment tools
  • Due to limited runtime, you can only clean part of the house in one go or charge before every cleaning.

5 Best Stick Vacuums

  1. Dyson V15 Detect – Best Stick Vacuum Overall
  2. Bissell Power Glide – Best Stick Vacuum for Dog Hair
  3. Shark Rocket Zero ZS352 – Best Stick Vacuum for Hard floors
  4. Black + Decker Extreme – Best Stick Vacuum for Carpets
  5. Dyson V8 – Best Stick Vacuum for High Pile Rugs

Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson’s latest stick vacuum model is extremely popular among homemakers. The reason is that it delivers better power to pull out dust than the previous models.


  • Extremely lightweight to carry out whole house cleaning without a break
  • Carpet and hard floors have their cleaning head
  • The laser light Highlights hidden dust and particles, and thus you will get more satisfaction.
  • Hairs and threads can be removed easily, and the soft brushroll is washable.
  • No tangling of hair on the brush rolls
  • The battery is conveniently removable; thus, you can keep extra-ready batteries and replace them during one-time cleaning.
  • Power control settings and auto surface adjustments
  • Easy-to-empty dust cup


  • You have to hold the control button down, which is stressful for the hand.
  • Weaker suction power than an upright
  • Shorter runtime on carpets
  • It requires repeated passes to pick up dust or debris along the edges or from the corners.
  • Expensive item

What is an Upright Vacuum?

As the name defines itself, upright is an all-rounder or complete cleaning package of vacuum type. But compared with the stick ones, they are heavier to carry or drag. Nevertheless, even though they take up more space, their design is cool to showcase.

They are designed to stand straight on the cleaning head with superb balance. Also like stick vacuums, their floor head, motor, and dirt can are fitted on the hose in the same body. And that hose connects the handle and cleaning head.

Further, uprights have wider floorheads than any of the stick vacuums.


  • Economical in price
  • Less strenuous for the backbone as you rarely have to bend while vacuuming
  • There is no accidental power button press, as it is on the cleaning head.
  • More powerful than stick vacuums and clean brilliantly in one go
  • Due to the wider cleaning head cleans faster in the same area if cleaned with any stick vacuum.
  • Equally efficient vacuum for carpet and hardwood floor
  • Adjustable height, easy surface transition
  • Due to the revolving brush, the uprights stand better for deep pile rugs.
  • Compact storage, because the attachments and accessories are stored on board the vacuum body


  • Pulling or pushing is more tiring when it weighs upward.
  • Quite frustrating to clean under the furniture or room corners
  • Carrying it to clean the upper floors and stairs is problematic.

5 Best Upright Vacuums

  1. Dyson Ball Animal 2 – Best Upright Vacuum Overall
  2. Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 – Best Upright Vacuum for Dog Hair
  3. Hoover WindTunnel Max – Best Upright Vacuum for Hard Floors
  4. Shark Cordless Vertex Pro – Best Upright Vacuum for Carpets
  5. Shark Rotator DuoClean – Best Upright Vacuum for High-pile Rugs

Dyson Ball Animal 2

Definitely, due to the strongest suction power, this Dyson stands first in the race of upright vacuums. Also, it may be the ultimate choice compared with the stick vacuum. The reason is tangle free turbine tool and HEPA filtration technology.

In short, you may call it an Anti-Allergy Vacuum.


  • Cheaper than any of the best stick vacuum
  • Despite its lower price, it is more powerful than all the stick vacuums.
  • The ball feature allows smooth dragging.
  • Great vacuum for long hair and threads because it avoids tangling
  • Larger cleaning head than any of the stick vacuum
  • Works hard on larger debris
  • It cleans the surfaces it interacts with and purifies the overall home atmosphere.


  • Build Quality is just satisfactory, not outstanding
  • It is not lightweight, thus resulting in fatigue when you finish cleaning your place.
  • Where the ball feature reduces dragging effort, at the same time, it creates hurdles while cleaning underneath furniture.
  • It is loud
  • Lacks height adjustment feature; thus, deep pile carpets are difficult to clean.

Stick vs. Upright Vacuum – Best Overall Vacuum Comparison

Form FactorStick VacuumUpright Vacuum
ModelDyson V15 DetectDyson Ball Animal 2
Price ($)739427
Power SourceCordless/Battery OperatedCorded
Weight (lb)1.917.35
Filter TypeDiskHEPA filteration
Suction Power (Air Watts)230306
Capacity0.75 L1.8 L
SurfaceCarpet and Hard floorCarpet and Hard floor
Sound Level67 db78.1 db
Cleaning ReachUnlimited48ft (35ft Cord + 13ft Hose)
Battery Life                        84minN/A
Warranty2 years5 years


Frequently Asked Questions

Do all stick vacuums are cordless?

No, many models of stick vacuums have corded power supplies. However, even in our picks, Bissell Power Glide is a corded vacuum with the lowest price tag.

Can I rely on a refurbished stick vacuum?

Yes, without any second thought, you may rely on Amazon’s refurbished items because those items are pretested for being listed there.

For how long will an upright stay with me?

All brands declare different warranties for each model, and they say if properly cared for, it will last for so and so period.

But it also depends on the usage level, the types of surfaces it has to face, the cleaning frequency, and the mess type.


However, we have put all our efforts into providing you with the best guide to choosing among the two types of vacuum cleaners. So now, let your needs decide who has won the Stick vs Upright vacuum race.

For a big house, we recommend an upright that will prove better in cleaning performance. But if you are managing a small family and the mess level and frequency is short, go for the stick vacuum.

In Stick vs Upright vacuum race, the upright wins for the performance whereas stick is good for frequent vacuuming

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